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Wells Fargo Home Equity

Wells Fargo Home Equity loans and lines of credit are some of the best financing options made available by the bank. You can get a number of Wells Fargo home equity solutions if you have a good credit history and some equity value in your home. You can get a home equity loan from Wells Fargo if you want to access instant funds to meet one-time expense or to get the security of fixed interest rates and monthly payments. You can use the home equity loan amount to consolidate high interest debts, make home improvement, make some purchase or pay education expenses for your children.

With a Wells Fargo home equity loan program, you will be able to get a full loan amount upfront, predictable payoff schedule, fixed rate of interest and fixed monthly repayment. This loan term is quite affordable as the amount of payment doesn't change and you know in advance how much to pay. Depending on the amount of loan and your choice, the loan length can extend from 5 - 30 years. Besides making fixed repayments you can also payoff additional principal balance when you like without any penalty. Moreover, you can obtain relationship discounts of up to 0.375% if you have a qualified deposit account and make automatic payments to the bank.

Wells Fargo Home Equity Line of Credit

On the other hand, Wells Fargo Home Equity account or line of credit may be the right option for those homeowners who would like to enjoy the flexibility of accessing available funds now and in future. Home equity line of credit amounts are offered over a period of time agreed in advance. This loan option brings lower interest rate compared to other types of credit programs. Moreover, you also get a line of credit payoff schedule that suits your budget with Wells Fargo. Opening a Wells Fargo home equity account allows you to access fund from your line of credit to meet expenses over time. There are no closing costs involved with home equity line of credit and you can convert all the outstanding line balance to a fixed rate for fixed monthly repayments.

Before applying for any type of equity program it is advisable for the homeowners to use the home equity loan calculator to make an estimate of the payment options and interest rates. Provide basic information like your property value, mortgage balance and property location to calculate rates and payments of several equity loan terms. To assist troubled homeowners Wells Fargo also offer loan modification and enhancement program. You can also call Wells Fargo's home equity customer service phone numbers to find more details on home equity short sale, loss mitigation, loan application, home equity servicing, and home equity group address.

Phone Numbers: 1-888-781-7072, 1-888-667-1772



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