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Wells Fargo Foreign Currency Exchange Rate

Having an in-depth knowledge about foreign currency and its exchange system can be very useful for those individuals who often travel abroad for any vacation trip or business purposes or for those making any transfers. Knowledge about the currency of the country, methods of payments, ATM services and currency conversion information is very important so to avail the latest exchange rates. There are several risks associated in matters relating to changing of currency values such as, transaction related charges from foreign banks, overpayment to supplier, and overcharge to customers, etc. Wells Fargo, with its Foreign Exchange Specialist provides a full range of solutions to help customers handle such transactions. Perhaps, these solutions help customers reduce the risk in dealing with foreign currency.

Wells Fargo Foreign Currency

Wells Fargo provides a wide range of services to individuals in dealing with matters relating to foreign currency. With well experienced Foreign Exchange Specialist, the bank provides exceptional services with solutions designed specifically to help customers manage and reduce their financial risks. Wells Fargo offers more than 70 foreign currencies through several exchange locations as well as on the online order site.

Whether individuals seek foreign currency exchange service or its services locations the bank provides full service range through customized solutions and information. Customers can purchase or order foreign currency either by person or through online. The bank charges nominal conversion fee for all purchase transactions.

Wells Fargo Foreign Currency Exchange Service

Wells Fargo bank, almost in every operating location buys and sells foreign currency. Some locations have even foreign currency on hand and tellers who are specializing in international foreign exchange. Wells Fargo provides services for purchase of foreign currency cash or travelers cheques. Customers are offered three different options for purchase and order of foreign currency cash and cheques. Individuals can purchase either through online or phone or by person by visiting the nearest branch location. To purchase foreign currency using online one should log on to Wells Fargo customers can pay through their Wells Fargo checking account, while those non-Wells Fargo customers can pay for the currency using Visa® or MasterCard®. One can also purchase through phone by calling 1-800-626-9430, available Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. And if one wishes to purchase foreign currency by person, one may use the International Teller Site Locator to first locate a foreign currency exchange locations of Wells Fargo banking store.

Wells Fargo Exchange Rate

Foreign Currency Exchange Rate fluctuates with time and situations. Individuals can call a Foreign Exchange Specialist for current rates. They can also avail real time exchange rates through Foreign Exchange Online. The online service allows one getting very quickly the available current rate and enables one to place an order without any hassle. The Foreign Exchange Online also allows one to enjoy Wells Fargo's competitive real time foreign exchange rates, and facilitate the convenience of transferring funds and payments throughout the world. Foreign Exchange Online service is available through Wells Fargo Business Online® or the Commercial Electronic Office® Business Portal. Customers may call 1-866-819-8972 to enroll in Foreign Exchange Online Service. For those individuals who travel abroad will also find airport as a convenient place to exchange currency but the foreign currency exchange rates that they charge are high. To get the current exchange rate please call the Foreign Exchange Specialist number at 1-866-819-8972.

Needless to mention, but rates for foreign currency wires and foreign bank drafts are different from the rates of foreign currency cash and foreign currency traveler's cheques. To know the available rates for wires and drafts or for any assistance please call 1-800-786-5593 and -800-678-4653, Option 3.

Detailed information of Wells Fargo Foreign Currency, its Exchange Services and Rates can be obtained through the official website of the bank.



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