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Westpac Website

Westpac Website is where one can get to know anything about the bank and access any banking products and services of the bank. It is the most reliable and convenient place to access anything about the bank; its history, corporate profile, products and services, where individuals can freely and directly get access sitting in one's comfortable room or office. A multinational banking and financial services company with operating branches throughout Australia and New Zealand, Westpac Bank offers a wide array of banking and financial products and services to wide range customers. It is one of the four largest banks in Aus and second largest in NZ. With registered head office located in Sydney, the bank operates a network of over 1200 branches and 2800 ATMs. Westpac also has operations in Fiji, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Vanuatu, Indonesia, and has offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, United States, UK and China.

The official website of Westpac Bank in Australia is, while Westpac New Zealand is Westpac Bank in Fiji and other operating locations in pacific island also have their own website providing exclusive information on the products and services offered by them. Visiting the About Us page from the bank's official website, individuals can get to know anything about the bank including the history, present corporate profile,
and the types of business the bank is engaged in. Career conscious and job seekers can find out about careers and job opportunities at Westpac from the career site. While several other details and information including online banking and mobile banking, can be obtained from the online banking site specifically provided for the internet banking customers. The shareholder page provides all information including share registries, dividend history, benefits package, newsletters and several others.

Customers if looking for any branch locations or ATMs of Westpac Bank can simply visit the Locate Us site and use the branch or ATM locator tool. For this, they will have to provide details like suburb or postcode or street address of the searched branch or ATM centre. Authorized Westpac mortgage broker can access the Introducer Net website, a unique site provided exclusively for use by authorized introducers of Westpac Banking Corporation. To obtain access to this site, authorized brokers may contact their business development manager.

All the information on products, services, rates, fees and many others updated and available on the bank's official website are true at the time of furnishing and they are subject to change. Sometimes Westpac website visitors may face with certain problems like website down or not working or anything and it could be due to technical problems or security reasons. It was said that Westpac website was once again down due to security issues on May 2011 and all the ATMs, EFTPOS payments and online banking services were affected. In New Zealand, Westpac is committed to online privacy. The bank collects information such as number and location of site visitors, date and time of visits, number of pages viewed, traffic patterns etc. For more info and all other related details of Westpac website, please visit the official website of the bank.



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