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Westpac Swift Code

Swift codes are used to identify a particular bank or institution in any country and are particularly useful for the purpose of receiving and sending money internationally. Individuals from Australia can send money to most foreign countries and in most foreign currencies via internet banking, overseas telegraphic transfer or any local branch of Westpac. Those working or living overseas also can send money back to Australia from most banks using Westpac overseas telegraphic transfer. So, to send or to receive money to or from any bank or institution to any country or vice versa, various details of the receiving account are required such as bank name, branch name, account name, account number, Swift code or BIC code or IBAN depending on the country where one is sending to or receiving from. Westpac Bank Swift code is thus particularly useful when receiving or sending money to or from any overseas locations.

Westpac Swift Code Australia

Westpac Banking Corporation Swift code is WPACAU2S. This code is applicable to all branches of Westpac Bank in Australia whether in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, or any other locations. Individuals from Australia can send money to most countries in the world using Westpac overseas
telegraphic transfer via branch or internet banking. However, those wanting to send using internet banking should be a Westpac customer and should have registered for internet banking and Westpac Protect SMS Code.

To send money to any country or from any bank or country to Australia, sender needs to have handy the details of the receiving account such as Swift code or BIC code or IBAN, name of the bank, branch and address, account name and account number etc. To receive money from overseas, receiver have to give their bank account details including the above mentioned ones and Westpac swift code WPACAU2S.

Westpac Swift Code NZ

Westpac Swift code for New Zealand banking is WPACNZ2W and this Westpac NZ Swift code is applicable to all operating branches of the bank in the country whether in Auckland, Christchurch, or any other location. Individuals from New Zealand can send money to any overseas locations using Telegraphic Transfer via Westpac branch. To send money via Westpac branch, sender will need to furnish details of the receiving account and information such as recipient's Account name and address, Bank code, Account Number, Bank Address, Swift code, Country, Currency and the amounts written both numbers and words and signature on the written request. Depending on which country where one is sending to or receiving from, or nature of the transactions, individuals may also be asked to furnish several codes like BIC code, IBAN, BSB, Sort Code or FW etc.

To receive money or to send money to a Westpac account from any country, receiver can ask to send or the sender can send the money directly to the following by giving full account name and number of the receiving account.

Westpac Banking Corporation
New Zealand International Operations
Auckland, New Zealand

To send money to Suva or Fiji, PNG, Samoa, Rarotonga or Tonga, individuals can use the Express card which allows send money to any country to a nominated individual. Sending money through Express card is easy and cost effective as well. For more details of Westpac Bank Swift code and all other related info, please log on to the official website of the bank.



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