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Westpac MasterCard

Westpac MasterCard credit cards allow cardholders to enjoy a number of benefits and hassle free services and thus widely preferred by many. They are widely accepted and can be used at millions of locations worldwide for purchases, cash advances and more. Rewards MasterCard holders can enjoy a wide range of benefits including altitude points from the Westpac reward program, complimentary travel insurance, etc. Low rate MasterCard cardholders can enjoy low interest rate on purchases. Westpac charges competitive exchange rate, conversion rate, and balance transfer and cash advance fees.

With several added card service features such as MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave, cardholders can make payments for purchases in a much faster way. By registering for MasterCard SecureCode, cardholders can get extra security on their card when they shop online. With BPAY using the Biller code, one can also make any kind of bill payments without having to do any paper works. The following are the various types of MasterCard made available by the Westpac Bank Australia.

  • Altitude MasterCard
  • Altitude Gold Visa Card or MasterCard
  • Altitude Platinum Visa Card or MasterCard
  • Earth MasterCard
  • Earth Gold MasterCard
  • Earth Platinum MasterCard
  • 55 Day Visa Card or MasterCard
  • 55 Day Gold Visa Card or MasterCard
  • Low Rate Visa Card or MasterCard
  • Debit MasterCard
  • Prepaid MasterCard Gift Card
  • Ignite MasterCard

Westpac Debit MasterCard

The Debit MasterCard of Westpac can be used at overseas locations, and can access cash and make purchases from more than millions of ATMs and merchants around the world. Cardholders can enjoy extra security when making purchases, get chargeback protection when choose credit, and can save cash advance fees when withdrawing money from Global Alliance partners' ATMs. For making payments for purchases, cardholders don't have to enter a PIN or sign. They can simply tap their card on MasterCard PayPass terminal for purchases of $100 or less wherever they see the Paypass logo. For detailed Debit fees and Debit MasterCard limit, customers may visit the bank's official website

Westpac MasterCard Gift Card

Westpac MasterCard Gift Card is a prepaid card not linked to any account. Holders of this card can use anywhere around the world and can use it to shop online, by phone or in person. It can use as alternative to cash when traveling overseas. Holders also can use it to access MasterCard applause. Any queries or assistance relating such as Gift Card fees, card balances and transaction account reviews or enquiries, customers in Australia can contact the Gift Card call centre at 1800 204 965, and those from overseas may call +61 2 9293 9292.

Westpac MasterCard NZ

Westpac in NZ offers a range of credit cards including Low Interest MasterCard, MasterCard BusinessCard, Titanium MasterCard, etc. The low interest card offers low interest rate and is widely accepted across the world. The BusinessCard is designed specifically for mid size businesses and is accepted at over million merchants worldwide. The Hotpoints credit card account provided by Westpac New Zealand comes with two credit cards- American Express Card and Visa Card or MasterCard card. They are linked to one account with only one monthly statement, one credit limit and one annual fee.

It is informed that Westpac GM Holden, Virgin credit card and no annual fee cards are no longer available. For detailed info, customers may please log on and read the latest updates and information from the bank's official site. For any queries and problems including stolen or lost card or to request or find a card of Westpac, individuals in Australia can call 1300 651 089 or +61 3 6345 1058 (overseas).

For more details on Westpac MasterCard and all other related info including BSB, Altitude rewards, 28 Degrees MasterCard and more, please log on to the official website of the bank.



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