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Westpac Card

Westpac offers a comprehensive array of personal and business credit cards, debit cards and gifts cards with a wide choice of benefits and services to its customers. Its range of credit cards are available with features and services ranging from interest free and low rate to earning of rewards points, travel insurance and complete financial freedom. The bank also provides a host of convenient services including online banking, telephone banking, BPAY and Autopay allowing customers to easily perform banking activities including application, activation, balance transfer, payments and many more. Westpac Debit MasterCard allows access money from over millions of ATMs and merchants worldwide with added security with chip technology. Cardholders can get chargeback protection when they choose credit and also can save withdrawal fees on overseas ATMs by using Global Alliance partners' ATMs. Westpac MasterCard Gift Card, a prepaid card, also can be used anywhere around the world wherever MasterCard is accepted.

The range of Westpac credit cards comprises of Rewards, Low annual fee and Low interest rate. Its rewards credit cards include Altitude, Altitude Gold, Altitude Platinum, Earth, Earth Gold, Earth Platinum, Singapore Airlines Westpac Gold and Singapore Airlines Westpac Platinum.

The lower annual fee and low interest rate credit cards include 55 Day Visa or MasterCard, 55 Day Gold Visa or MasterCard, 55 Day Platinum Visa, Student Visa Card and Low Rate Visa or MasterCard. Westpac Rewards holders can enjoy great altitude reward points, Qantas Frequent Flyer points, Krisflyer Frequent Flyer points and a range of complimentary insurance covers. Westpac Ignite credit cards also offer great benefits to its holders. However, this Ignite credit card is currently not available for new customers. Customers are also informed that Westpac GM Holden, Virgin credit card and no annual fee are no longer available.

Westpac Card Services

With exceptional customer service, resources and tools provided by the bank, Westpac cardholders can take advantage and can enjoy a number of convenient services. They can easily apply, activate and cancel the card online, increase or decrease the credit limit, order new card and get replacement within 2 days if lost or stolen. Westpac also can help its customers find foreign currency exchange rates; decide whether credit or Handycard or travelers cheques is best when planning to travel abroad and many more. Cardholders can link Altitude American Express card to existing altitude account, and using the biller code and BPAY number, customers can pay their bills and can make any other payments. Using the Autopay service, cardholders can automatically pay any nominated amount to one's card each month. With online banking, cardholders can manage their account instantly. It is easy, convenient and secure as well.

Westpac Card Overseas

Westpac cards are accepted widely and can be used to make purchases and access cash from over millions of locations and ATMs worldwide. Its Debit MasterCard and Gift Card are also accepted widely and can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted. Westpac however, charges a fee of 2% when customers use the card in overseas locations for any purchases or cash advances or withdrawals. There may also fees for processing foreign transactions. Customers however, can avoid fees for withdrawing money in overseas ATMs by using the bank Global Alliance partners' ATMs.

Westpac Card NZ

Westpac Bank in New Zealand offers a variety of cards including credit and debit cards and travel card. Credit cards are offered with wide choice of options including low interest rate, hotpoints rewards and several other exclusive benefits. The Debitplus Visa card offered by Westpac can be used like an EFTPOS card as well as credit card and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. The Travel Card can be used as a Visa credit card and EFTPOS and can be also used to withdraw cash from overseas ATMs.

Westpac Card Contact

For any enquiry, assistance or problems regarding Westpac card and its services including report lost or stolen, cardholders can contact the below phone number or write to the following card service centre address:

Services Australia
Customer Service Call Centre: 300 651 089
Calling from overseas: 61 2 9374 7082

Write or send to:
Westpac Card Services
Reply Paid 4318
Sydney NSW 2001

Services NZ
Customer Service Call Centre: 0800 888 111
From overseas: +64 9 914 8026

Write or post to:
Westpac Credit Card Services
Private Bag 92503
Wellesley Street, Auckland

For more information about Westpac cards and its services in Australia as well as in New Zealand and all other related info including commercial cards, employee benefits card, meal entertainment card, application form, repayment cover, verification number and more, please log on to the official website of the bank.



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