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Westpac Online

Westpac Online services include personal and business online banking, mobile banking and online investing. The Online Banking service of Westpac Banking Corporation provides fast, secure and easy way to do personal and business banking at one convenient place anytime and from anywhere. It is provided free of any charges and fees to all individuals, and customers can access account transaction and information 24/7. The phone banking service allows customers keep track of their finances and perform banking transaction even while on the go using their internet connected iphone or ipod touch. The online share trading which is provided with an array of investment tools and services allows investors buy and sell on their terms. Customers can freely set up Westpac Netbanking and can enjoy a wide range convenient banking and trading services anytime and anywhere.

Application of home loans, personal loans, margin loan, mortgage, credit cards and gift cards of Westpac are hassle-free with one-stop internet banking service provided by the bank. The online loan and mortgage calculator tool facilitates customers ascertain their eligibility for the offered loan or mortgage product and also facilitates calculate monthly repayment amount. Customers can conveniently open any Westpac account online.

Foreign currency exchange rates and term deposits interest rates can be viewed or checked conveniently online. Should any personal details such as password, address, phone number and email address be changed, Westpac online banking customers can update them securely online.

Westpac Online Banking

The Westpac Banking Corporation online banking service is freely made available for all personal banking, business banking and corporate banking. Customers can efficiently manage their savings account, trading account, saver account and any other account in one convenient place. They can keep upto date account balances, view transaction details, and can review last 7 years account statements without incurring any cost. It is a payment gateway and customers can easily manage and pay bills with BPAY. Customers also can transfer money or make any other payment securely online.

Westpac Online Banking NZ

Westpac online banking is simple to set up, easy to use and secure as well. It is ensured with guaranteed security measures such as Online Guardian which helps detect and stops untoward fraudulent online banking activities instantly. To get started with online banking, customers in New Zealand have to register with a valid Westpac account to obtain a Login Customer ID and Online Banking password. Those already registered phone banking customers can log in using their phone banking ID and password, but those not registered members can call 0800 400 600 or +64 9 912 8000 (overseas) to get a Login ID and password. For detailed info log on to:

Westpac Online Banking Australia

Westpac customers wanting to enjoy online banking service in Aus have to first register to obtain a login ID and password. Personal banking and already registered Westpac Telephone Banking customers can use their customer number and 3 digit access code for registration and they can also register online. However, online registration for online banking is not available for business and corporate customers. Telephone banking customers can simply register for Westpac internet banking by entering their 8 digit Customer Number and 3 digits Telephone Banking Access Code. Those not registered for telephone banking or who have forgotten their customer number and password can call the bank's help desk number 132 032. For more information or any issues and problems regarding Westpac online banking service, customers can contact 1300 655 505.

Westpac Business Online Banking

Customers registering for Westpac Business Online Banking have to complete the online registration form, get it print, sign on it and bring the completed form to any Westpac branch office for signature verification. They will have to provide details such as 8 digit personal customer number (if registering as a sole proprietor or individual), 8 digit business customer number (if business entity), BSB code and account number, account name, BSB and account number for third party accounts. For detailed info, contact the Online Banking Service Centre on 1300 655 505 or visit

Westpac Online Banking Login

To sign in to Westpac online banking, registered customers have to visit Login Home Page, click the Sign in button and then sign up by entering the customer Login ID and password by clicking the keypad buttons. For complete registration process and login related details, customers can log on and view the online banking demo or read the guidelines provided by the bank on its official website. Customers may sometimes find Westpac online banking service unavailable or not working, or sometimes ones system may suddenly shut down during any transaction process. If such things occur, customers may immediately call the Online Banking Service Centre at 1300 655 505.

For more details about Westpac Online Banking, and all other related info such as online broking, merchant facilities, PNG, trading fees, in Fiji and more, please log on to the official website of the bank.



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