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Westpac Foreign Exchange

Westpac Bank is a leading provider of foreign exchange services in Australia and is specializing in Australian dollar and New Zealand dollar markets. The bank offers a comprehensive range of customized foreign exchange solutions for the wide range needs of individuals, businesses and corporate. With variety of tailored products and services, Westpac helps customers participate in favorable foreign currency exchange rate movements and provides protection from adverse impact on exchange rate, thereby helping them reduce the risk in dealing with the foreign exchange and all related issues. With foreign exchange contacts in Sydney, London, New York and Singapore, Westpac offers exchange services in all major currencies including US dollars, euros, pounds etc.

International travellers can take the hassle out of their foreign trip and they can at the same time save money as well. Being a partner with American Express, customers of Westpac can buy foreign currency and travellers cheques online directly from Amex. If anyone is unsure of which currency or travellers cheques to purchase, one can call the American Express at +61 1300 133 289.

Westpac Foreign Exchange Rates

The foreign exchange rate sheet at the bank's official website updates the daily exchange rate of different currencies which is monitored and furnished by the Westpac Foreign Exchange Centre. Individuals can log on and view the Today's Exchange Rates of various currencies including USD, NZD, Fiji, Samoa, Papua New Guinea (PNG), and many others through the exchange rates page site All the updated rates are current as at the time shown but they are subject to change with time and situation and at bank's discretion. Customers are therefore, asked to confirm the latest and accurate information before making any decision. Certain fees and commission charges may be payable for any foreign exchange related transactions with Westpac. For any further enquiries including current exchange rates, individuals may please contact Westpac Financial Markets on 1800 221 815 or visit any local branches.

Westpac Foreign Exchange Rate Calculator

With the currency calculator tool provided by the bank, customers can easily determine the currency and exchange rates of different currencies. The currency converter tool allows conversion of Australian dollars into any foreign currencies or vice versa. To convert Australian dollars into any foreign currencies, multiply the AUD amount by relevant rate, and to convert any foreign currencies into AUD, divide the particular foreign currency amount by the relevant given rate.

Westpac New Zealand foreign currency account offers customers to earn interest on money that they keep in a foreign currency. It allows customers to make deposits, withdraw money and pay bills without having to convert to or from NZD. They can also earn interest in foreign currency provided a minimum balance is maintained. For detailed info, customers can contact 0800 400 600 or visit nearest branch location. The bank also offers online foreign exchange solution.

For more information on Westpac foreign exchange services and to view current as well as historical exchange rates both in Australia and New Zealand, and also to learn all other related info including foreign exchange credit card and MasterCard fee and more, please visit the official website of the bank.



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