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Westpac Finance

Westpac has a wide range of loans and leasing products and a variety of finance options to choose from. The bank offers Short Term and Long Term Finance, Equipment Finance and Leasing, and Agribusiness Finance for funding various activities and purposes including business, corporate, asset or property, motor vehicle, plant and equipment, project, trade, debtor, supplier etc. The availability of various finance options provided by Westpac with tailor made solutions helps individuals and businesses identify the right options and meet their precise needs. The Short Term Finance is ideal for seasonal and specific expenses, while Long Term for home or property purchase, business expansion and acquisitions, Equipment and Leasing for new vehicles, plant and equipment, and Agribusiness for additional long and short term borrowings and livestock financing. The various loans and leasing products of Westpac can be viewed from below.

Short Term Finance
  • Business Overdraft
  • Westpac Business One Loan
  • Invoice Finance
  • Insurance Premium Finance
Long Term Finance
  • Business Loan
  • Westpac Business One Loan
  • Bank Bill Business Loan
  • Commercial Bills
Equipment Finance and Leasing
  • Vehicle and Equipment Finance
  • Equipment Rental
Agribusiness Finance
  • Westpac Produce Advance- Grains
  • Agri Finance
  • Agribusiness One Loan
  • Westpac Livestock Leasing
Whether individuals and businesses seek finance for funding various purposes such as vehicle, machinery, equipment, property purchase, business expansion and acquisitions, car finance getting expire or whatever, Westpac can help choose the right finance options that can suit the precise needs. Needless to say, Westpac's Davidson Institute provides financial education with various programs and courses for businesses and non profits.

Westpac Finance Equipment

Westpac Vehicle and Equipment Finance offer variety of finance options. Customers can avail financing for just a shop fitting out to buying of light commercial vehicles to big machine and equipment. They can choose from 3 products including finance lease, commercial loan and commercial hire purchase. Beneficiaries can take advantage of flexible repayment of 1 to 5 years and potential tax benefits. With Equipment rental finance, individuals can make use of the latest technology and equipment.

Westpac Finance Asia Ltd

The Westpac Asset Finance team in Asia forms part of the Westpac Institutional Bank supporting the bank's Corporate and Institutional Banking unit in servicing the global corporate and institutional clients. With overseas offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Mumbai, London and New York, the team provides exceptional services to global clients leveraging the expertise of the team's asset finance activities provided in Australia and New Zealand. For more information and any queries or assistance, individuals can contact Tony Smith, Head of Corporate & Institutional Banking - Asia by dialing +65 6530 9898 or through email

Westpac Finance Calculator

With vehicle and equipment finance calculator, customers can easily calculate how much a new car will cost when leasing or hiring or buying new one and can know how much they have to pay for each month. Thus, they can determine their affordability for any type of financing before application. Existing customers also can calculate the monthly repayment amount with the help of the tool. It is very simple and easy to use tool. Customers just need to choose the total amount, select the product from the range, choose the preferred term and then calculate. The entered information will show with result based on the current loan or lease rates.

To request or apply for financing solutions and loans and leasing products of Westpac, customers don't have to go far off places looking for branch offices to fill the application form. If one can afford and is comfortable with the repayment, one can start the application online right away. Westpac can help and guide throughout the process and till the finish line. For any questions or assistance regarding financing solutions and repayment related issues, customers can call 1300 135 805. They can also send their full contact details so that Westpac customer representatives will get in touch at any time.

For more details about Westpac Finance and all other related info including property finance group, clearing house, finance sector union, jobs, finance bridging, profiles of home finance manager, news and more, please log on to the official website of the bank.



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