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Westpac Loans

The Westpac Banking Corporation offers a range of loan packages to suit all kinds of business and personal needs. Westpac provides all loan and leasing rates for both short term and long term finance.

Its range includes business bank loans, RAM home, personal loans, small business, car and commercial loans. Westpac offers student loans to eligible students who need financial assistance to pursue their tertiary education. The bank also provides, low doc loans for the self employed, defense home, owner builder home loan, equity, mortgage, investment property, secured loans and many more, all made portable for its customers.

Alongside this, Westpac also offers superannuation plans such as smsf to meet, bridging, the employer and employees needs.

Westpac Personal Loans

Westpac personal loans are available for purchasing used car, new car, a boat, debt consolidation or for other purchases. This is also accessible in the form of secured and unsecured loans offering customers flexibility and freedom to renovate their homes, purchase the items they need or go on a holiday. Home and fixed home loans also fall in this category.

Westpac offers bank home loans for buying and refinancing property. Customers planning renovations and in need of extra funds, may want to apply to increase their home loan using the top up feature. The bank allows its customers of its Australia and NZ and other branches in the world to apply for personal loans online.

An application form is available online where they have to fill in their home contact and house address details. Filling out the online loan application form is safe as the Westpac internet security had recently been given the green light for going ahead. The website also links customers to home loans Fiji, Australia and New Zealand.

For more information on personal loan visit the bank’s website

Westpac Loan Rates

Westpac loan rates differ from one type to another. The interest rate depends on the type of loan package. The bank offers varying rates on its insurance coverage.

For example there are different interest rate and home loan rates for personal loans. In regards to home loans, the rates are available in various options including variable home loan and fixed home rates. There are no exit fees. The Westpac processing centre fixes the loan and interest rates accordingly.

Westpac Calculator

Westpac Banking Corporation has a tool known as loan calculator (calc) available on its website. These calculators include home loan and personal loans calculator. It assists as well as guides customers as to how much they can borrow, repayment, upfront buying, interest rates and many more.

For more information on loans, customers can contact their nearest Westpac centre and contact the manager and visit:


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