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Westpac Financial

Westpac offers a broad spectrum of financial banking products and services tailored to wide range financial needs and goals of diverse individuals in Australia and around the world. With long years of experienced in banking and financial services, the bank has vast knowledge and understanding on financial markets. Whatever the needs, the bank's financial planners and advisers can help address at any point of time with proven solutions and exceptional planning advice and services. Westpac is also committed to educating and supporting individuals and organizations to better understand and manage financial difficulty and crisis under its Financial Education umbrella. Davidson institute, a Westpac sponsored institution, offers comprehensive range of financial education resources. It conducts free workshops giving basic financial literacy, give advice, and offers short courses and nationally recognized qualifications in financial management, business planning and more.

The Westpac Financial Markets program, provided in Sydney for 8 months duration, allows interns to take advantage and get ahead of the coming year Westpac Financial Markets graduate intake. To support financial counselors and help funding in counseling organizations, and as part of its approach to financial hardship package expansion, Westpac Group including BT Financial Group
and St. George provides a huge sum of money towards the cause.

Westpac Financial Services

Westpac provides a wide range of financial services including advice on investment planning, superannuation and rollover, retirement planning, personal insurance, portfolio review service etc. Westpac Premium Financial services are delivered with personalized service with the bank's relationship manager and can call for meeting at any point of time. With the Financial Services Guide (FSG), which contains all information regarding the advice and services offered by the bank's financial planning group, one can get informed knowledge about the kind of advice and services available. It also contains other useful information including advice centre and services address, phone number and services provided by broader Westpac Group.

Westpac Financial Planning

Whatever the needs, Westpac Financial Planners can offer planning services including financial strategies, investment options, easy to understand advice with fees clearly explained, personalized plan (Statement of Advice) tailored to needs, situations and financial goals etc. The various advices that the planners can assist includes such as cash flow and savings management, debt reducing, protection against unforeseen events, superannuation and retirement and more. Westpac has a number of committed financial planners and advisors from Westpac Financial Consultants Ltd and several other services limited. Financial planners are paid a salary, superannuation and also get additional benefits if they achieve certain performance targets. The additional salary can go upto a maximum of 53% of the total fee revenue received by the bank. Individuals can find a number of planning jobs at Westpac.

The fee for preparing a financial plan with Westpac Financial Planning generally ranges from $300 to $10,000 depending on time and resources, and in some cases, it may be more than this. If individuals proceed with implementation of the advice that is provided in the Statement of Advice, certain fees such as cost of formulating the advice, administration and implementation of the plan are payable. For complete details on fees and to view financial report of Westpac Bank for financial year 2011 and also the history of past year results including 2009 and 2010, and ratios individuals may please log on to the official website of the bank. One can also get detailed news from various financial times and the like journals and periodicals. For various financial terms and their implications, individuals may use the dictionary or glossary available at the bank's website. All important dates and events including AGM, dividends, interim results and announcement for shareholders are provided in Westpac financial calendar.

Any problem or complaint regarding Westpac financial services, customers may feel free to consult the financial planner using the phone number and email address provided by them. Else they can alternatively contact the bank either by visiting one of the branch or by calling 132 032 or by writing to GPO Box 3433, Sydney NSW 2001. For complete details about Westpac Financial Services Ltd and Financial & Trust Inc and all other related info, please visit the official website of the bank.



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