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SunTrust Student Loans

SunTrust Student Loans are offered to those talented students who are facing difficulties in financing their college education. The bank understands that there are many families that cannot afford to pay the higher education expenses of their children. To help such families, SunTrust Bank has brought a range of student loans having easy repayment options. The bank offers Federal Stafford loans, PLUS loans as well as private student loans to eligible students. Academic Answer Loan is a private student loan that can help you cover the cost of college education. As a student, you can borrow up to $100,000 (for undergraduate study) and $150,000 (for graduate study).

The loan limits of Academic Answer loan are set according to grade level and you determine your maximum loan amount by using the loan limit calculator offered by the bank on its website. This student loan will help you bridge the gap when scholarship, grants and federal loans are unable to cover all the education related expenses. SunTrust Bank offers competitive student loan rates and you can use the loan amount to meet any education related expenses whether it is your tuition fees, room and boarding charges or purchasing books.

SunTrust Bank student loan center brings federal student loans like Stafford and PLUS loans for eligible borrowers in the loan market. Stafford loans are offered directly by the federal government and they have low interest rates. Stafford loans are further divided into Subsidized Stafford loan and Unsubsidized Stafford loan. In Subsidized loan, the government will pay the entire loan interest while the student is in his school. The loan amount in this condition is mainly based on the family needs. On the other hand, unsubsidized loans are made available to students without checking their family needs and income status. PLUS loans are also offered by the bank for parents and students following graduate degree to meet the cost of their education.

The bank has private loans or alternative loans when you find that federal loans are insufficient to cover all the college expenses. Student can manage their student loan account online through the online banking services of the bank. They can check loan account balance and payment through their online account. SunTrust also offer student loan consolidation program for students who face difficulties in repaying multiple student loans. Consolidation loan allow students to combine several loans into one single monthly repayment. To get assistance while making loan application, contact the following phone numbers.

800.552.3006 - (to talk with student loan specialist)
866.763.6350 - (to inquire on Academic Answer education loan)
866.763.6351 - (for additional information and loan reviews)



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