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SunTrust Mortgage Rates

SunTrust Mortgage Rates are very competitive and potential borrowers can find affordable interest rates on several loan terms. SunTrust Bank is one of the largest providers of mortgage loans to a large number of low and moderate income homebuyers in the Southern part of the United States. SunTrust Bank mortgage rates also keep on changing from time to time depending on certain factors. For instance, the prevailing market condition, the loan amount, repayment term and the borrower's income status plays important role in determining the mortgage interest rates.

SunTrust Bank Mortgage Rates

Today, SunTrust Bank offers some of the most attractive mortgage rates even for bad credit borrowers. The bank has different rates for several types of loans such as Conventional fixed rate mortgage, jumbo mortgage, adjustable rate mortgage and FHA mortgage. FHA mortgage also has low interest rates as they are backed by the federal government. A fixed rate mortgage will allow you to make a fixed interest and monthly payments for the entire loan term. There will be no rise in the interest rate as it is decided in advance during the application process. However, an adjustable rate mortgage enables you to adjust your payment depending on your affordability.

SunTrust Mortgage Rates Current

The bank offers prevailing mortgage rate sheet on its official website to help borrowers get a better understanding of the available loan terms. Borrowers are required to closely watch the current rates in order to find the lowest possible deal. The current mortgage rates offered by SunTrust Bank are as follows:

Loan Terms Interest Rate Annual Percentage Rate
30 Yr Fixed Conventional 4.625% 4.743%
15 Yr Fixed Conventional 3.990% 4.207%
30 Yr Jumbo Fixed 5.625% 5.768%
Agency 5/1 ARM 30 Yr 3.375% 3.556%
Agency 7/1 ARM 30 Yr 3.625% 3.675%
30 Yr FHA - Fixed 4.625% 5.186%

The mortgage rates listed above are for single family properties having loan to value ratio of 80% or less. These rates are subject to changes without prior notice. On the other hand, closing costs, mortgage interest rates and points are greatly based on loan types and the locations where the borrowers are applying. The bank offers low mortgage refinance rates when compared to some other financial institutions. It is advisable for the borrowers to contact a loan officer of the bank to get details on additional rate and point quotes. Visit the bank website to find various tools and resources to find best possible rates while looking for a mortgage program to finance a home.



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