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SunTrust Bank Foundation

SunTrust Bank Foundation offers trustee services to private as well as family foundations. The bank serves as the Trustee to six foundations namely, Florence C. and Harry L. English Memorial Fund, Harriet McDaniel Marshall Trust, Walter H. and Marjory M. Rich Memorial Fund, Thomas Guy Woolford Charitable Trust, and Greene-Sawtell Foundation. SunTrust Bank Trusteed Foundations mentions that the available proceeds are to be evenly distributed to tax-exempt and non-profit organizations that have achieved demonstrable records for excellent service in the fields of health, general welfare, education and cultural service.

SunTrust utilizes a professional distribution committee that assists in the administration of the foundations. The Distribution Committee closely reviews every application to determine the qualification conditions of the organizations. They also look whether the proposal purpose of the organizations go hand in hand with the main objectives of the foundations. Any proposal submitted can be considered for funding from any of the six foundations. Only one application form is required in order to apply to all the foundations. It advisable for the non-profit organizations to check the guidelines and application information furnished at the bank website to determine whether they will be eligible to get a grant or not.

The foundations do not consider request made by particular individuals. Non-profit organizations are required to complete separate applications for the SunTrust Foundation and for SunTrust Bank Trusteed Foundation. As per the guidelines, the metropolitan Atlanta is the only geographical focus of all the foundations. Unsolicited grant application made from outside the metropolitan area of Atlanta will not be accepted by the foundations unless and until the organization has been particularly named as the eligible recipient by the donor. The Trustee considers requests related with capital investments like buildings, alterations to present structures and furniture and equipment. Applications associated with special projects on community nature, surveys, pilot programs, special studies and research will also be considered by the foundations.

The foundations do not consider unsolicited applications to get general operating support for salaries, debt service, and maintenance. Requests made by political organizations, individuals and churches will not be accepted. An online grant application form is offered for applying at SunTrust Bank Trusteed Foundations. Non-profit organizations that fits under the guidelines set by the foundations are encouraged to start their online grant applications. Making online application will require some attachments such as support materials and financial information. You can contact at 404.588.7347 for technical questions relating to online application. Visit the website for more comprehensive details.



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