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SunTrust Savings Account

SunTrust Savings Account is one of the most useful banking products offered by the bank to millions of customers in the United States. Savings products from SunTrust allow you to meet your savings goal. With the help of a savings account, you can keep your hard earned money safe and secure. You can make funds available for use when you need them the most. The bank offers different types of accounts that offer attractive interest rates and flexibility. It is advisable for you to have some prior knowledge about the features and requirements in order to decide which one will suit you best.

SunTrust Bank offers several savings products that include SunTrust Advantage Money Market AccountSM, Personal Savings Account, Live Solid SavingsSM and Certificate of Deposit. SunTrust Avantage Money Market Account is specially designed for personal checking clients. This account type enables the holder to earn attractive rates of interest and online access to their funds from anywhere at anytime. There is no minimum withdrawal amount and you can withdraw as much as you wish depending on your account balance and it offers the security of FDIC insurance coverage. The followings are the requirements for opening the money market account:
  • A SunTrust personal checking account
  • Minimum deposit of $100 is required for opening this online account
  • Minimum daily collected balance of $5,000
  • No monthly maintenance fee when balance requirements are maintained
  • Maintenance fee of $15 per month when unable to maintain balance requirement
SunTrust personal savings account is another product that makes it so easy for the customers to save money. By opening personal savings account, you can begin a secure savings program by making regular deposits and establish accounts for your children. This account will allow you to save money for unexpected events and specific purchases. Some of the features and benefits of opening personal savings account are discussed below:
  • No maintenance fee for minor account holders
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Withdraw money or deposit funds at any time
  • Get instant access to funds at over 2,800 SunTrust ATMs
  • FDIC insurance coverage
  • Quarterly statements for account earnings
  • Daily compounded interest based on collected balance
On the other hand, SunTrust Live Solid offers easy way to grow your balance by prioritizing on your financial goals. The minimum opening balance requirement for this account is just $100. To open any of the above savings accounts, visit any of the local SunTrust branch or talk with a bank representative by calling at 800.279.4824. Also visit the website of the bank to check prevailing savings account interest rate in different states of the U.S.



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