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SunTrust Bank CD Rates

SunTrust Bank CD Rates are highly competitive and they are sought after by a large number of investors in the U.S. markets. SunTrust Certificate of Deposit or CDs offer you the safest place to invest your hard earned money. The bank offers same CD Rates whether you are residing in Florida, Virginia, Georgia or Maryland. Moreover, SunTrust allows you to invest your money for chosen time periods at fixed interest rate. This will help you to avoid interest rate fluctuations that usually occur during the CD term.

SunTrust Bank CD Rates 2010

The bank offers special CD rates for the year 2010 for limited time period only. The rates are subject to changes without any prior notice. SunTrust Bank offer attractive CD rates on different Certificate of Deposit Term. The following chart shows the prevailing rate condition:

CD Term Rates
60 month CD and IRA CD 3.01% APY
48 Month CD and IRA CD 2.50% APY
34 Month CD and IRA CD 2.01% APY
25 Month CD and IRA CD 1.60% APY
10 Month No Penalty CD 0.50% APY

The minimum opening balance for a certificate of deposit with SunTrust Bank is $2,000. The bank guarantees that a competitive fixed interest rate is offered with each and every CD term provided by them. You can also visit the nearest SunTrust branch or call at 800.279.4824 in order to find special CD terms and rates offered by the bank. The followings are the features and benefits that come with SunTrust Bank CDs.
  • A competitive fixed interest rate and earnings
  • Choice of term lengths from 7 days - 10 years
  • FDIC insurance coverage with every CD term
  • Flexible interest payment options
The flexible term lengths enable you to customize your CD to fulfill your needs. If you go for longer terms then you will be able to earn higher returns. Certificate of Deposit is very useful if you are thinking for an investment that features guaranteed rate for specific time period. CDs are also the best option to invest if you have received a large sum of funds through real estate sale, an inheritance or tax return, which you are planning to reinvest later. As rate of interest is locked in CDs, investors have the sense of security as they know how much they will receive on interest. To open a CD account, visit the local branch or call 800.279.4824.



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