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SunTrust Bank Phone Number

SunTrust Bank Phone Number varies for different departments of the bank and the type of assistance offered through the telephone number. Whether you have some questions related with your account, want to report lost or stolen check/credit card or looking for some financial planning assistance then the bank offers several customer service phone numbers that you can call to talk with bank representatives. To speak with a customer care representative just call 800.SUNTRUST, (800.786.8787), available from 6 A.M. to midnight ET, seven days a week.

In case if you think that you are a victim of check card, credit card fraud or identity theft, then call immediately at 800.227.3782. This helpline number is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. To manage your business financial activities, speak with the business banking representatives of SunTrust Bank by calling at 800.752.2515. You can also use the ATM/branch locator to find telephone number and complete address of bank locations nearest to your area. You can call the followings phone numbers to talk with specific banking group of the bank.

Mortgage Customer Service Department - 1-800-634-7928
Bankruptcy - 800.635.3112

Business Banking Client Care Center
Account Set Up - 877.370.5108
Customer Service - 800.752.2515
CDs for Small Business - 877.370.5108

Commercial Banking Service Center - 866.476.1460
Consumer Loans - 800.279.4824
Corporate Credit Solutions - 866.476.1460

Corporate Retirement
Distribution Support Services - 800.453.4015
Corporate Retirement Plans - 866.786.4015

Credit Cards
Business Card - 877.370.5108
Corporate Cards for Employees - 800.836.8562
Consumer Credit Card - 800.477.9702
SunTrust Rewards - 800.255.7125
Visa Extras 800.960.8472
Credit Inquiries - 800.634.7928

Education Loans
FL and GA - 800.208.9729
TN - 800.457.8243
All other states - 800.552.3006

Endowments and Foundations - 866.223.1499
Equipment Leasing - 866.624.3084
Foreign Exchange - 800.494.9782
Institutional Investment Management - 877.984.7321

Life, Disability, Estate Planning, Long Term Care - 800.526.1177
Term and Whole Life Coverage - 866.849.4809

Investments - 800.874.4770
Loan Servicing - 888.461.8862
Lost or stolen Business Check Card - 800.752.2515
Lost or stolen Personal Check Card 800.SUNTRUST (800.786.8787)
MICR Specification Sheet Form - 866.425.6570

Non-Profit and Tax-Exempt Banking - 202.879.6014
Nonqualified Plan Experts - 866.786.4015
Online Banking Support - 800.382.3232
Physician Loans - 800.241.6905
Personal Banking - 800.SUNTRUST 800.786.8787

Private Wealth Management
Client Care - 800.321.1997
Trade Finance - 404.813.1030
Transportation Industry Banking - 615.748.5934

SunTrust Investment Services - 800.526.1177
Treasury Technical Support - 877.785.6925
Online Cash Manager - 800.382.3232
Payroll Card Account Servicing - 800.249.2226
Wire Transfers - 800.947.3786

To call the bank from outside the United States, use the international toll free number. Just dial the UIFN code of the country from where you are calling and dial 800.ST.TRAVEL (800.7887.2835). In case if you are a deaf or hearing impaired then call 800.854.8965 to access the telephone device and Braille services of the bank.



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