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SunTrust Direct Deposit

SunTrust Direct Deposit is the convenient service through which you can avoid standing in long queues at the branches of the bank to deposit your checks. You can easily sign up for Direct Deposit which is a free service that enables you to make automatic deposits of your salary, Supplementary Security Income benefits, Social Security, and other periodic incomes directly into your savings, checking or money market account.

SunTrust Bank Direct Deposit comes with a broad range of features and benefits that are very useful for every type of customers. Gone are the days when you have to wait in line at branches of the bank or at ATMs in order to deposit your paychecks. The money you deposit will go directly into the particular SunTrust account that you have chose. The issuers also provide you with payment stubs for your records. In addition, the money is transferred electronically on the exact check issuing date to make sure that it is transferred to your account as the working hour starts in the bank.

In order to sign up for Direct Deposit service, you are required to download a SunTrust direct deposit form and complete it before sending it to the nearest bank branch. You can use an application form to sign up for payroll direct deposit, social security and other government payments direct deposit. If you need direct deposit of only your paycheck then apply for Payroll Direct Deposit.

In case if you're a government employee and if you receive supplementary security income, pension, VA compensation or social security then use the government direct deposit form and sign up to enjoy direct deposit of the above payments. It is essential for you to provide the duly filled form to the agency or to the employer who are responsible for the payments.

To complete the application form, you will need a voided check of your SunTrust account and the direct deposit routing transit information. Direct Deposit time is quite less when compared to other means of deposit. To make an application for this hassle free service, you can visit the nearest local SunTrust branch. You can also learn more on the benefits offered by Direct Deposit by visiting You can also speak with the representative of the bank by calling at 800.SUNTRUST (800.786.8787).



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