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SunTrust Home Equity Line of Credit

SunTrust Home Equity Line of Credit and home equity loans are the best affordable way to get some financial assistance to meet several emergency expenses. Whether you are looking to consolidate your high interest debt or thinking to make some improvement with your home, a home equity loan or line of credit from SunTrust is all that you need. The bank offers Access 3® Equity Line and home equity loan which are reliable options to utilize the equity of your home. SunTrust also provides several benefits such as same day approval, no prepayment penalties and the interest are also tax deductible.

As a borrower, you are required to go for the equity product that will work out for you and you may also be eligible to get an interest rate reduction depending on your relationship with the bank. SunTrust Access 3® Equity Line features three flexible repayment options that could help you meet your personal needs. During the draw period of this home equity line, you can choose interest only, revolving line of credit, or fixed rate/term repayment options. The followings are some of the features and benefits offered by the home equity lines from SunTrust.
  • No points, application fees or closing costs
  • Get multiple repayment options at same time
  • Access available credit at anytime through checks, Online Banking or an Access 3 Equity Line Visa® Credit Access Card
  • No prepayment penalties and same day approval
SunTrust Bank Home Equity Loans and line of credit rates vary according to the U.S. states and there are certain factors that determine them. On the other hand, it is advisable for the homeowners to make an estimate of their current home value if they are considering for a home equity line or a loan. Then only you will be able to calculate how much you can borrow and or apply directly for a loan or a line of credit. The best way to make an application is by visiting the nearest branch of the bank.

In case if you want a fixed interest rate and a regular monthly payment then SunTrust offers you home equity loan with fixed interest rate. This loan term offers the security of fixed monthly payment amount regardless of the changing market condition. SunTrust home equity loan comes with several benefits like No prepayment penalties, Same-day approval and no points, closing costs or application fees. SunTrust home equity payoff can be made online by registering for online banking services offered by the bank. To know more about the application process and the current home equity rates visit the official website of the bank.



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