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SunTrust Bank Loans

SunTrust Bank Loans are available for several types of needs including purchasing a home, financing your child's education of meeting certain inevitable expenses and payments. You can easily find the best financing solution by making a keen research of the different loan options and interest rates offered by SunTrust Bank. The bank offers several mortgage programs to help low and moderate income families to finance their dream home. Loan rates provided by SunTrust Bank are considered as highly competitive in the market and unique rates are available with different loan options.

The bank offers loans for student, homebuyers, doctor, mortgages and many other borrowers who need fast financial assistance. Recently, SunTrust Bank has taken initiatives to provide loan modification and refinancing options to those borrowers who are in need of urgent help. The home retention team of the bank can also help homeowners who are unable to make timely loan payments due to job loss or any other financial reasons. In case if you are looking to buy a car then SunTrust offers automobile loans that can help you finance your dream car without facing much hassle. You can avail a low rate auto loan to purchase a new or a used car depending on your choice.

Some other loan options of SunTrust Bank include installment loans, education loans, marine loans, RV - Motor Home Loans, Physician Loans, etc. You can apply for installment loan to meet smaller needs such as relating to furniture or vacations. Whereas, you can cover all your higher education expenses with education loans available for both the parents and the students. On the other hand, go for a motor home loan if you are thinking to buy a motor home or looking to upgrade your luxury vehicle. Physician loan or loans for doctor are designed to meet the needs of the medical practitioners.

Before making loan application, it is advisable for the borrowers to seek the assistance of loan officers in order to find the best possible deals. Moreover, borrowers should use the loan calculator to get vital information on payoff features and interest rates of several terms before choosing a particular term. Borrowers can further open their online loan account make regular login to check current loan status and make online payments. SunTrust Bank has different loan departments and they provide unique customer service numbers and payoff address. The following are some important customer service phone number related to specific loan options.

Call 800.279.4824 for assistance on auto loans.

Call 1-800-634-7928 for assistance on mortgage loans.

Call 1.800.552.3006 for assistance on federal student loans.



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