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SBI One India Fund

SBI One India Fund is a 3 year close-ended equity scheme which was launched on November 24, 2006 by the SBI Mutual Fund. SBI One India mutual fund comes with a minimum application fee of Rs. 5,000/- and in multiples of Rs. 1/-. The scheme had come into effect with the main objective to offer investors with ample opportunities for extensive development in capital market through active investments in equity stocks, debts and money market instruments. Since the word "One India" resembles unity, the scheme really works by focusing on all 4 regions of the country. Being a region-specific scheme, SBI Mutual Fund One India works on a solitary investment policy.

SBI One India Fund Nav

NAV or Net Asset Value is one of the most important things to consider before investing a huge amount of money in the equity scheme. It is the Nav figure that helps in ascertaining the growth of the scheme. The scheme's performance can be known through the NAV figure. Net Asset Value keeps on changing everyday depending on the plan of the scheme. Reportedly, the latest NAV of SBI One India Fund was 10.48 as on March 05, 2010 for both the One India Growth and Dividend scheme. NAV & repurchase of NAV are to be opened on the daily basis. On the other hand, certain features of State Bank of India One India Fund such as entry load, exit load, SIP and SWP are required to be studied beforehand. The rates vary according to the schemes and plans offered by particular scheme. This scheme is highly influential because it offers a large number of benefits that attract customers at a large level. It demands bottom-up approach for investment in order to promote an unbiased trade.

SBI One India Fund Growth

Dividend and Growth options are made available by SBI MF with its One India Fund. There is 0% tax on dividends and long term capital gains also constitute no tax. However, short term capital gains comprise of 10% tax in addition to surcharge and cess. Growth and performance of the scheme can also be tracked from latest Nav value which is displayed on the official website of the bank.

The prominent feature of this close-ended scheme is that it automatically converts into an open-ended scheme on maturity. Another salient feature of One India Fund is that its benchmark index is BSE 200 Index. The risk profile fluctuates heavily ranging from low to high depending on the nature of instruments and % portfolio of the plan A & B as regulated and observed by the bank. It is important for the investors to remember that foreign securities and equity related instruments carry a high risk profile, whereas, low risk profile is carried by the money market instruments.
SBI Bank offers a variety of mutual funds to eligible investors in the market. Check the available plans before making your choice.



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