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SBI Blue Chip Mutual Fund

SBI Blue Chip Mutual Fund was launched on 23rd December, 2005 and since then, it is considered to be one of the best investment options offered by the State Bank of India. This mutual fund was introduced with the aim of providing valuable opportunities to investors for continuing expansion in capital via active management of investments. It requires a bare minimum investment of Rs. 5000/- in multiples of Rs. 1000/-. To become licensed with SBI Blue Chip Stock, you should have a good status, great business and an extensive concern amongst investing public. Moreover, an unbeaten background and a superb outstanding brand image and equity are mandatory. Reinvestment and payout facility is one of the highlights of the scheme. There is no tax on the long-term capital gains; however, short-term capital gain consists of 10% tax excluding surcharge and cess.

SBI Blue Chip Risk factors play a vital role in mutual fund investment; therefore, investors must scrutinize the Offer Document provided by SBI before investing in the fund. Nature of risk profile can be low, medium & high depending on the instrument and its portfolio percentage at the time of asset allocation. However, money market instruments are considered to carry low risk profile. State Bank of India provides mutual fund statement on demand with specific reasons at no charge in order to provide comprehensive additional details for investors. The online statement option is available which helps you in quick and wise decision-making for investments. State Bank of India provides systematic investment plan during the NFO.

SBI Blue Chip Mutual Fund Dividend

Dividends are observed keenly by the investors before making their investments in the blue chip funds. They are absolutely tax-free which results in ultimate growth and satisfaction of the customers. Options- dividend and growth make the scheme more influential.

SBI Blue Chip Mutual Fund Nav

Dividend and growth are the two plans which keep on fluctuating from time to time and conclude with the latest Nav figure everyday. Nav is the most popular element of the blue chip which acts as a magnet that attracts people towards the scheme.

SBI Blue Chip Mutual Fund Rate

The rate carries a number of different figures i.e., entry load rates, exit load rates, SIP rates and SWP rates. The rates vary according to schemes and plans offered by the blue chip mutual fund of SBI. The detailed information on the rates can be taken out from the chart available on the following website:



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