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SBI NRI Account

SBI NRI Account is one of most popular NRI services made available by State Bank of India to non residence Indian who need banking facilities in India and abroad. NRI account commonly refers to the accounts that NRIs can open in the country. Some popular types of bank account that are available for NRI include NRE (rupee repatriable), FCNR (Dollar, Euro, Australia Dollars, Pound, Euro, Can dollars, Yens) and NRO (Rupee non Repatriable). It is advisable for the US residents to keep in mind that the above accounts are not insured by FDIC. Further, the income will be subject to US Federal Income Tax. Balances in excess of $10,000 are also required to be reported yearly to the US Department of Treasury.

SBI NRI Account Opening

All the NRI accounts such as NRE, FCNR or NRO are held by offices in India. These accounts are not managed or services by offices located in USA. To open an SBI Bank NRI account, a duly filled NRI account opening form must be delivered to SBI branch of your choice. Finding a branch of SBI in India is completely very easy. Just visit the branch locator page of the bank's official website and provide the city, street name, branch code or branch name to find the overall details of the branch. The following are essential papers and documents that you are required to provide while submitting your state bank of India NRI account opening form.

  • Two photographs (one should be signed by the candidate and affixed on the form).
  • Copy of passport attested by authorized official of Indian Embassy / Notary Public, consulate or an officer of SBI. Citizens of India are required to provide copy of current visa or green Card.
  • Verification of your signature of application form by any of the above officials.
  • It is recommended that you ask the bank branch to open a zero balance account that you can fund after receiving the account number.
An eligible applicant can open an SBI NRI account in several regions of the world including Dubai, Singapore, New York and many more. One can also fund their account in New York by using check. SBI Bank also provides NRI account online remittance service through SBI Express Remit - to India. For more comprehensive SBI NRI account details, account interest rate, account minimum balance, account login and online account, go to the official website of the bank.
SBI Bank offers a number of NRI services including NRI Accounts for eligible customers of the bank. Find the features of NRI accounts from the bank.



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