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OCBC Securities

OCBC Securities is one of the leading stocks and brokerage service providers based in Singapore. They provide broking services such as futures broking, foreign exchange trading, equities and other derivatives trading to a wide range of individuals and institutional clients. The company started its business in 1986 and further the reactivation of OCBC Securities Hong Kong Limited leads to the expansion of its network in the overseas country.

They also charged some kind of commission and brokerage fee for the online trading or trading through the broker in various stock exchanges. The details of the charges and commission for the Singapore stock exchange (SGX) and Bursa Malaysia can be obtained from the following FAQs link and for other exchange contact OCBC Securities.

The OCBC Securities research is divided into investment and treasury research. With the investment research one can find the latest information about the equities on the other hand the treasury research provides the latest updates about the foreign exchange, economy, interest rates, credit research and many others. Apart from research, they also organized various educational seminars on exchange traded fund (ETF) and others.

OCBC Securities Pte Ltd Address
OCBC Securities Private Limited
18 Church Street
#01-00 OCBC Centre South
Singapore 049479

Fax: (65) 6538 9115

If you want to know more about the trading services available at OCBC Securities, you can contact the trading representatives at 1800-338 8688 or +65-6338 8688 (overseas).

OCBC Securities Online

OCBC Securities online provides the 24/7 stock trading service through iOCBC. With this service, one can access the latest and updated market information through any computer or mobile device such as iphone with internet accessibility. In addition, this service also allows you check the stock performance of the local market as well as the foreign market. Besides, this is a secure and reliable service through which one can perform certain online transaction securely and quickly. The customers need to have the valid User ID and Password in order to access the services and facility mentioned above. If you already have the ID and password, you can start login to access these service through the following link.

OCBC Securities Career

OCBC Securities career offers jobs and employment opportunities to the potential and qualified individuals as remisier, trading representatives and others etc. If you are interested in making your career dealing with the financial market, you can ahead with OCBC securities. Moreover you can also email your resume at, if you have found any interested jobs or openings. Besides, you can also check more about the careers, jobs and vacancies on the OCBC Bank website.

For further detailed information about the OCBC Securities CEO and others, you can logon to the website of the company.



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