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OCBC Login

OCBC login is the gateway to its various online services such as internet banking and Velocity which are being provided to the personal and business clients. With this login facility, one can access the various online banking activities which include funds transfer, balance checking and even the transaction history for the past 12 months. Besides, there are lots of activities which you can perform online such as checking your credit card account information as well as you can manage your loans and finances and purchasing insurance also possible. Moreover, you can also make deposits into your time deposits account. On the other hand, the business clients can also access such kind of services and facilities via OCBC Velocity.

In order to access the services and facilities available with the OCBC internet banking and Velocity, you need to login with valid credentials such as user name or login ID, password and organisation ID. This organisation ID is required only for the business bankers.

OCBC Login Singapore

The most important part of this login system is to identify the website which you logon because OCBC Bank has operations in 15 countries of the world and dominantly in Singapore and Malaysia. Therefore, the websites or URLs (Uniform Resource Location) of the bank in these regions are also different. If you are a customer based in Singapore, you need to login with the login ID and password through the Singapore website. However, the Singapore website will be opened by default when you logon to If you have the respective username or login ID and password, you can start login now through the following links of OCBC internet banking and Velocity.

Internet Banking for Personal Clients:

OCBC Velocity for Business Clients:

OCBC Login Malaysia

OCBC login Malaysia is basically mean for internet banking and Velocity services provided to OCBC clients in Malaysia. As mentioned earlier, one can access the account information, statement, transaction history and many others with the required credentials such as user name and password etc. The individuals and business clients can use the respective link given below in order to login and access various online banking services.

Internet Banking for Personal Clients:

Velocity for Business Clients:

If you forgot your password or you have any problem while you login to these services, you can refer the “I have forgotten my Password!” or “I have problems logging on” available on the login page.

For further detailed information about the OCBC login, you can visit the website of the bank.



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