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OCBC Promotion

OCBC promotions are provided on various products and services ranging from entertainment to fashion and from dining to traveling etc. They also provides various promotions on the eve of Chinese New Year such as 20% discount on CNY Goodies and 15% discount on Ala Carte food bill as well as the Triple Prosperity Poon Choy at Peony Jade @ Keppel Club (M, Level) etc.

Apart from the promotions and offers which are available in hotels and restaurant, they also provide certain discounts and offers on various services such as online shopping via comGateway and Singapore Post’s vPost etc.

comGateway is an online shopping gateway through which one can shop online with millions of online stores in the US. With this service, the OCBC’s credit card holders can shop with more than 300,000 stores in US as well as you can also avail the 15% discount on shipping fees.

In addition, vPost also offers 15% discount on the shipment fees for every shipping in USA, Japan and Europe. However this offer is only a for limited period, you can check the details from the website.

OCBC Promotion Dining

OCBC provides several promotions and offers on dining at the certain restaurants or hotels. These promotions are valid for Asian and Western dining at some specific hotels and restaurants which are partnered with the bank. Some of the promotions and offers available include 10% off at Amber, Ananda Bhavan, Arirang Korean, Banana Leaf Restaurant Pte Ltd, Chellas Vegetarian Corner, Hui Cui Jing Hua Holding Pte Ltd Hui Cui Jing Hua Holding Pte Ltd and many more.

Moreover, you can also get the offer of 15% of the bills for your expenditure on dining at various hotels in Singapore. For instance if you spend with your OCBC cards on CNY Takeaway Specials, CNY Goodies Takeaway, Reunion Dinner Buffet, CNY Buffet and many others at Intercontinental Singapore, Hotel Rendezvous Singapore or Prime Cut, you will avail the benefit of 15% discount. Besides, you can also avail 1 For 1 Pasta or Pizza benefit from Club 211 Roof Terrace Café and even more.

Further information about the hotels, restaurant or café along with locations and contact number where the offers are available can be obtained from the OCBC’s website.

For further detailed information about the OCBC promotion, you can visit the website given below.



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