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OCBC Online

OCBC offers several types of online services ranging from everyday banking to the complex financial and trading services. Further, there is also extended service like online shopping which allows you shop online via internet with your OCBC credit cards or internet banking service.

OCBC Online Banking

OCBC online banking is a part of the ebanking services provided by the bank to its customers around the world. In other words, it is an internet banking service which allows you access your account information such as statement and transactions history of upto 12 months for the savings, current and foreign currency account as well as the credit card account. In addition, one can also check the credit card balance and transfer funds through this service. With this online banking service you can also make payment for various utility bills.

Most interestingly, this service can be accessed via mobile phones with internet accessibility from anywhere and anyplace whether you are in Malaysia (MY) or Singapore (SG) at your own convenient time. On the other hand, you can also access some the following additional services.
  • Check the status of Electronic Securities Application (ESA)
  • Report loss of ATM card
  • Change of mailing address
  • Stop payment of cheque
In order to access the facilities mentioned above, the customers need have the internet banking access code and PIN.

OCBC provides the freedom of internet banking without any service charges and fees but there are applicable charges for the unsuccessful funds transfer and stop cheque payment.

OCBC Online Trading

The OCBC online trading service is available through the iOCBC and it includes online stock trading and portfolio management etc. With the iOCBC, one can check the local and foreign market performance. You can also carry out the transaction quickly and in a very secure manner. Besides, you can also trade directly in US and Hong Kong market through iOCBC.

Moreover, they also provide trading and investment related online games like Young Investor Stock Challenge. The basic motive behind this online game is to create the awareness of investment and trading strategy among the youngsters.

For further information about the OCBC online services, you can refer the website of the bank as well as the available FAQs and other resources.



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