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OCBC Career

The career at OCBC has wide options and opportunities for the fresh graduates as well as for those who are in the middle of their careers in any other sectors and want to shift into the banking sector. Those who reside in Singapore and Malaysia may have better opportunity and advantage as the bank is one of the largest bank in the Singapore and Malaysia market.

At OCBC, they offer several training and development programs such as Career Transition Programme (CTP), Management Associate Programme (MAP), Rewards and Development programme for the employees etc.

The CTP or Career Transition Programme mainly emphasized on providing career opportunities to those who are in the middle on non banking profession and want to come to the banking and financial sector.

On the other hand, the Management Associate Programme is designed for the talented MBA graduates from the reputed colleges or universities. The selection process is based on the interviews and certain assessment.

Besides, they also provide various benefits, rewards and developments to their employees. These include competitive salary packages, flexible benefit, opportunity to own equity, classroom based training, scholarship for undergraduate and post graduate studies, coaching and assignments as well as the management development programmes etc.

In addition, they also recruit many graduates in Accountancy, Banking, Business, Computing, Economics, Finance, Information Technology and Mathematics through the campus or university recruitment programme.

OCBC Career Singapore

OCBC Bank Singapore offers a wide career opportunity and job positions in various fields including sales, operations, information technology and customer service etc. They hire promising candidates in order to employ in its various fields and banking units.

The available job vacancies and positions in various fields can be searched through the website of the bank.

OCBC Career Malaysia

Like the OCBC Bank in Singapore, the bank also offers jobs and career related opportunities such as scholarship and training programmes in Malaysia. You have the opportunity to work in its various units and divisions ranging from banking to information technology and many more.

In addition, you can also search the jobs in your desire locations in Malaysia through the website of the bank. For example if you want to search the available jobs in Penang, Malaysia, you can use online job search tools and directory available on their website.

If you are looking for a job or want to build your career with OCBC, you can start search through the following link.

For further detailed information about the OCBC career, you can visit the career webpage of the OCBC Bank.



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