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OCBC Deposit

OCBC offers a wide range of deposit products with a variety of rates depending on the nature and types of the products. These products are basically classified into three categories which include savings, current and time deposits. Under these categories, there are also several types of accounts and few of them are listed below.

Savings Account
  • Young saver
  • Passbook saving
  • Multi save
  • Smart savings
  • Wealth savers savings account and many others
Current Account
  • Easisave
  • Current account
  • USD Chequing account
  • Al Wadi’ah current account
Time Deposit

  • SGD
  • Esteem Time Deposit
  • CPF
  • SRS
  • Global Time Deposit
  • Baby Bonus SGD
The savings, current and time deposit account holders can also use the safe deposit box available at most of the OCBC branches in order to keep the valuable properties.

The interest rates offer on these savings accounts are varied from 0.100% per annum to 2.50% per annum. On the other hand the time deposit accounts are available with the interest rates ranging from 0.100% p.a. to 0.700% p.a. depending on the amount and period. Besides, they also offer promotions such as promotional interest rates of 0.8% p.a. on time deposit of $30,000 for 15 months. The detailed information about the rates of these products can be obtained from the following link.

In addition, you can also contact the customer service at 1800 438 3333 for further detailed about the rates of deposits which is more than 1,000,000 Singapore dollars.

OCBC Deposit Machine

OCBC Deposit Machine allows depositing cash with or without the ATM or any cards. The deposit machines are available at all the locations where there is the OCBC branch and Fastlane. At OCBC ADM (Automated Deposit Machines), one can deposit cash 5 times in an account per day. The machines only accept the denominations of S$10, S$50 and S$100, therefore the deposits to any OCBC account can be made only on these denominations.

With the Automated Deposit Machines, one can do several banking activities such as balance enquiry, funds transfer, pin change and credit card bill payment. In addition, you can also deposit cheque, apply for ATM card, bank drafts, credit card, cashier's order, cheque book and phone banking etc. Even you can also submit the form for faulty cash card refund as well as you can report the change of address through this machine.

For further information about the OCBC deposit, you can log on to the website of the bank.



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