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OCBC Investment

OCBC Investment allows you to invest on various time deposits, unit trusts, high-yielding investment-linked insurance plan, bonds, structured deposits, stocks, retirement, education and wealth management etc.

With the OCBC education investment plan, one can start savings and secure the education of the children. They offer a unique 2 in 1 school plan which provides school protection and the young savers account through which one can

OCBC Investment Research

OCBC Investment Research provides the information that need most by the investors such as the equities research information. Besides, the investors can access the following information through the website of the OIR (
  • The strategy reports
  • Details of in-depth sector
  • Technical analysis
  • IPO and Warrants performances
OCBC Investment Research Pte Ltd or simply OIR offers various jobs and career opportunities in both Malaysia and Singapore. The complete list of jobs and positions such as Investment Research Traineeship, equity dealing traineeship and many others offer by OCBC Bank and its units are available on the website of the bank.

OCBC Investment Banking

OCBC Investment Banking is a unit of OCBC which provides financing solutions, advisory and brokerage services. In addition, they also provide syndicated loans, capital markets, corporate finance and mezzanine capital to the investors.

OCBC capital markets are basically classified into two types i.e. debt securities products and syndicate loan facilities. Under these types, there are various products which they are offering to the public and these include following.

Debt Securities
  • Fixed rate bonds
  • Hybrid bonds
  • Floating rate notes
  • Variable rate notes
  • Medium Term Note Programmes
  • Mortgage-backed Securities
  • Asset-backed Securities
Syndicate Loans
  • Floating rate transferable loan
  • Revolving underwriting
  • Revolving credit
  • Fixed rate term loan etc.
The corporate finance which is being offered by OCBC investment covers advisory services on mergers and acquisitions as well as the company takeovers etc. They also offer service such as underwriting IPO’s of the companies which are publicly traded and listed in the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited.

OCBC Mezzanine Capital is helping in the growth of various public and private companies by financing and providing the funding needs of the company.

For further detailed information about the OCBC investment fund and promotions, you can visit the website of the bank.



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