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OCBC offers various banking and financial products to both the personal and business banking customers. For each products and services which they offer to their customers, they are charging some kind of applicable rates, fees and other charges. For instance, there are several pre decided rates on deposit products such as savings, current and time deposit account as well as for the foreign currency fixed deposit etc.

These rates may be varied and fluctuate according to the situations and conditions of the markets. Therefore, one can check the latest rates information about the on loans, unit trust, foreign exchange and time deposit etc.

The available rates for deposits products such as savings and time deposits are ranging from 0.100% to 0.250% per annum for the savings and 0.100% to 0.700% per annum for the time deposits depending on the amount and period.

The interest rates for the personal loans products are varied for each type. For example the Extra Cash personal loan is offered with the monthly interest of 1.25% whereas the EasiCredit is available with the interest rate of 1.49% per month.

OCBC Exchange Rate

OCBC exchange rate is the rate at which buying and selling of currency is carried out. They also provide daily foreign exchange rate information on their website. The Singapore customer can access the exchange rate information from any of the following link or through the phone at 1800 363 3333.

The Malaysian customer can use the phone banking service for further information about the OCBC exchange rate in Malaysia.

Phone Banking: 1-300-88-5000 (within Malaysia)
03-8317 5000 (outside Malaysia)

OCBC Rates Online

For the convenience of the customers, OCBC makes the rate information online through their websites. If you want to access the rates of various products such as deposits including foreign currency fixed deposits and call deposits, unit trusts and foreign exchange, you can use the link given below.

The above link is the parent link of OCBC rates through which you can go further to other related and subordinate links to know more about the rates of various products.

The detailed information about the OCBC rates can also be contained from the branch or visit the website of the bank.



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