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OCBC Rewards

The OCBC provides various rewards programmes to the credit card holders. The cardholders can earn rewards points as many as they can by using the credit cards. The earned points can be redeemed into certain eligible products or gifts listed on the redemption catalogue. In addition, you can also redeem the points into Krisflyer miles. For instance, you can redeem into 1000 Krisfyler miles for 2,500 OCBC$. The catalogue is featured with various products in the following categories.
  • Retail
  • Dining
  • Junior
  • Wellness
  • Lifestyle
  • Gadgets

OCBC Rewards Singapore

At present, OCBC offers OCBC Rewards 10/11 and Robinsons Rewards for the Singapore customers. The OCBC credit card holders can avail various benefits and privileges while dining, shopping or traveling by using the credit cards.

In addition, the points you earn through the Robinsons rewards can be redeemed into various privileges as the Robinsons Group of Stores. For every purchase made for S$1 at the Robinsons Stores through your cards, you can earn 1 Robinsons $ which can be redeemed to shopping vouchers.

OCBC Rewards Redemption

The OCBC rewards redemption can be done in many ways via the bank website or 24 hour phone banking. On other hand, one can redeem the OCBC$ (OCBC$ is the currency used by bank for the rewards points that you have earned) through the mobile phone with internet accessibility. In order to redeem you rewards points, just log on to the or from a mobile phone and provide the pr. If you wish to redeem the rewards points via phone banking service, you contact at the following numbers.

Phone Banking: 1800 363 3333
(65) 6363 3333 (overseas)

The OCBC rewards programmes are usually last for a year from the date of launch, so therefore the redemption should be made during this period through the channels mentioned above. After you redeem any of the eligible product or gift, they will post the voucher within 7 business days at the mailing address associated with the credit card.

For further detailed information about the OCBC rewards in Malaysia and rewards for the employee, you can visit the website or refer the help centre and FAQs available at the bank’s website.



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