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UOB Online

UOB Online provides the most convenient banking platform for customers and individuals to carry out any banking transactions or access to any banking information about the bank. With this convenient online service, customers can take the hassle out of banking with the user friendly internet banking tools and services provided by the bank. Customers can access any banking services and perform any banking related activities from the convenience of one single platform. UOB provides the convenience of online banking, online share trading, redemption, shopping and many more useful services to all its potential customers. Customers can send credit card application form or make application for other offered products of the bank and can get approval on the online itself.

UOB Online Banking

Online banking service provided by United Overseas Bank has facilitated the convenience of performing banking transactions from the convenience of ones own home, office or even while on the go. Customers can access to their credit card account or any account’s activity anytime whenever they feel like or needs arise. UOB online service allows customers perform banking activities without leaving the comfort of their room. With this convenient online banking service, customers can manage their accounts, view transaction history, receive account summary, receive credit card statement, make bill payment, transfer funds, receive important account information such as payment due date, etc.

Customers also can check their available credit balance; send redemption request, view unit trust/foreign exchange/gold and silver rates and many more.

UOB Online Banking Login

The online banking service provided by UOB Bank is very simple, user friendly, secure and most of all gives the best convenient banking options to the customers. Customers can anytime open the login site and sign in using their valid User ID and password. This UOB one stop online banking service has provided customers to enjoy the ease and convenience of 24/7 account access and banking transactions. With both personal and business internet banking services, individuals and corporate customers can enjoy 24/7 online services. All Personal and business banking related activities are at their fingertips and it is just a click away.

UOB Online Registration

UOB online service is provided with no any extra cost. All potential customers can avail and can enjoy the benefits and convenience of the service. One only needs to register and become a member of the UOB online access service. Registration to online banking service is very simple, easy and can do it away with just a few clicks. One can simply visit the main login page, and click the Registration button to register and provide the necessary details like personal information, account number, security number and the like as required by the bank. Once successfully registered and got assigned with a login ID and password, customers will be ready to sign up to enjoy the ease and convenience of banking online.

For any assistance in registration, login or any questions regarding UOB online service, customers in Singapore may contact the UOB call centre hotline at 1 800 222 2121. Customers calling from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia or any other overseas locations may call +65 6222 2121.



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