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UOB Insurance

UOB provides a wide array of insurance products and services with competitive plan and package that can help meet the various needs of individuals and businesses. Whether individuals are looking to savings for the future security, protection plan for life’s uncertainties or to achieve any investment needs, UOB insurance products has the solutions to help achieve all the needs. UOB insurance products and services include General Insurance, Drive Care Motor Insurance, Travel Insurance, and Life Insurance including Endowment Plans, Term Plans and Whole Life Plans. These insurance products and services are provided by Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited. A comprehensive business insurance policy with wide coverage is also offered by United Overseas Insurance Limited (UOI), a subsidiary of UOB Group Singapore.

UOB Insurance Singapore

UOB Life Insurance policy which comprises endowment plans, term plans and whole life plans offers comprehensive financial solutions and complete life protection plans for the entire members of any individual both financially as well as personally.
Endowment plans which include PRUcash max limited pay, PRUflexicash, PruSave and PruSave Limited Pay are specifically tailored to help customers save for future security while at the same time giving complete life protection and financial flexibility with exciting cash back and many other benefits. Customers can rest assured that they are financially ready for whatever life brings and have in store for them. UOB also allowed customers to enjoy choice of policy terms according to their convenience.

United Overseas Insurance Limited (UOI) that provides business insurance to corporate and businesses offers a Packaged Insurance with a wide coverage. It covers Fire and Extraneous perils on contents and stock in trade, consequential loss upto 100 days, burglary for forcible entry, loss of money in transit and in premises, injury compensation for employees, any legal liability, breakage of fixed glass in the company’s premises etc.

UOB Insurance Malaysia

Malaysians can avail a wide range of insurance plans that provide all-round protection for the individual, family member, and the entire personal assets of the beneficiaries. Individuals can avail UOB general insurance plans such as Ideal Care, Ideal Home Protection, Golfer’s Insurance, Motorist’s Companion Insurance, Ideal Lifestyle Protection, Personal Protection, Motor Insurance, and traveler’s Insurance. Beneficiaries can enjoy complete protection for whatever life has in store for them or should any uncertainties hamper in the near future. UOB insurance products can help meet any circumstances that life brings.

UOB Travel Insurance

With Insure and Travel, a comprehensive travel insurance package distributed by UOB, individuals can travel with peace of mind without having to worry anything. The UOB travel planners can help plan everything and individuals can enjoy worry-free journey wherever they are. The exclusive travel insurance plan offered by UOB is designed specifically to help meet the insurance needs of individuals when they travel abroad.

UOB travel insurance covers personal accident; medical and all other expenses incurred overseas, follow-up medical expenses upon returning to Singapore, emergency phone charges, hospital confinement allowance, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, expenses for mortal remains, child help, etc. Furthermore it also covers loss of deposit or cancellation, flight deviation, trip curtailment, travel delay, loss or delay of baggage, loss of credit card, rental vehicle, hijacking, personal liability and more. To apply or to claim any of the above travel insurance package, individuals can call the UOB 24/7 hotline at +65 6222 7737 or log on to Personal Internet Banking.

For more information about UOB Insurance in Singapore as well as in Malaysia, please log on to the official website of the company.



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