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UOB Gold

UOB offers a wide range of investment options in gold and silver allowing investors to buy as well as sell these precious metals with the bank’s prevailing market rates and prices. Investors can buy and sell gold bullion coins, gold bars and gold certificate from the UOB Gold Department at the bank main branch office, i.e. 80 Raffles Place, Singapore. Investors can choose gold bars from a wide variety of sizes with range from small wafers to cast kilobars. UOB offers bullion coins such as Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins, Australian Kangaroo Gold Nuggets and Singapore Lion Gold Bullion Coins with a variety of sizes. The Gold Certificates are sold in kilobars and can sell upto a maximum of 30 kilobars per cert. These UOB Gold Certificates has no expiry date and can be exchanged for cash as well as physical gold.

UOB Gold Price

UOB Gold and Silver prices are based on international prices and market conditions in Singapore. Gold Bar price in Singapore is based on the international gold price that has been adjusted for the Singapore market conditions. The rate and price is also subject to Singapore’s goods and services tax. UOB Gold Bullion Coin price is also subject to Singapore’s goods and services tax and include a premium price on top of the international gold price.

For Gold Certificate, it is offered at a flat S$5 per certificate and an administrative fee of S$30 per kilobar per annum. Investors may log on to view the full UOB gold price chart of current prevailing rates and prices in Singapore as well in Malaysia. They can also view the price history and learn the UOB gold pricing system as well.

UOB Gold Savings Account

With UOB Gold Savings Account, investors can buy and sell unallocated gold that is through a passbook at the prevailing market rates and prices. They can perform any banking transactions at anytime during the banking hours. UOB has also made silver market more accessible for investors to invest in silver through its Silver Savings Account. Through this Account, investors can buy as well as sell unallocated silver at the prevailing market prices. The gold and silver account holdings at UOB are not subjected to Singapore’s goods and services tax. These account holdings can be exchanged for cash anytime and whenever needs arises. Interested individuals can open a UOB gold or silver savings account and can enjoy the convenience of deposit and any other banking related transaction at any of the branch office during banking hours.

UOB Gold Malaysia

UOB offers a wide range of gold products in Malaysia, ranging from gold coins, gold wafers to gold kilobars. There are a variety of gold coin sizes that investors can choose from. Coins can be sold to the bank at the bank’s current prevailing market quote. UOB have designed a simple, easy and affordable way for investors to invest in gold. With UOB Gold Investment Accounts, investors can invest and can earn attractive returns from any prevailing price. UOB in Malaysia offers two types of accounts viz- Premier Gold Account (PGA) and Gold Savings Account (GSA). Through these accounts, investors can buy and sell gold at UOB Bank’s current prevailing market rates and prices. UOB also launched a growth fund known as OSK-UOB Gold and General Fund that aims to achieve returns on investment in securities of corporations whose business is in the nature of mining or extraction of gold, silver or any other precious metals.

For more information about UOB Gold investment in Singapore, customers may call at +65 6539 2887 or fax to +65 6534 5638. Malaysians can call UOB Gold Dealers at 603-2772 6551 during banking hours. For detailed info including gold trading, debit card and more, please log on to the official website of the bank.



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