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UOB Kay Hian

UOB Kay Hian Holdings Limited Company came into formed in 2000 as a result of the merging of Kay Hian Holdings Ltd, UOB Securities Pte Ltd and the United Overseas Bank Group’s overseas stockbroking interests. To be precise, Kay Hian Holdings Ltd history can be traced back to 1900 when it was established by Khoo Kay Hian as the dealer in commodities and securities. Headquartered in Singapore, UOB Kay Hian Holdings is today the largest securities company in Singapore providing stock broking, futures broking, investment trading, internet trading, research services and corporate fund raising services etc. The company has global network operations with presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, US, Toronto, and London.

UOB Kay Hian Pte Ltd

UOB Kay Hian Pte Ltd is the stockbroking arm of United Overseas Bank Group and is a leader in the securities trading and investments solutions in the Asian financial markets. With its wide range services, long year experiences and in-depth knowledge, UOB Kay Hian Private Limited helps meet the various needs and requirements of diversified clients. The company provides unique solutions with services facilitating investors improve their investment decisions and portfolio management.

With the online trading service provided by the company, investors can easily manage their trading account without any hassle. Investors can trade, place orders and manage their portfolios online. Through UOB Kay Hian Mobile Lite, investors can enjoy the convenience of mobile stock trading. It is fast, easy to use trading platform and is free to all UOB Kay Hian online clients. UOB Kay Hian provides competitive brokerage fees and other charges when trade online. Investors can login in to company’s website to view the reports and news regarding share price, dividend payments, and exchange rates updated by the company. One can also get up-to-date market information through the index updates available on the company’s website.

UOB Kay Hian Hong Kong

UOB Kay Hian HK Lt is also one of the largest securities company in Hong Kong providing online trading, Hong Kong equities trading, regional equities trading, derivatives and futures, and research services to diverse clients. The company is looking forward to uncover potential investment opportunities not only in Hong Kong but also in other locations such as Thailand, Philippines, SG, China, US etc.

UOB Kay Hian Career

As a leading securities trading and investments firm with extensive operating network spanning across worldwide, UOB Kay Hian provides rewarding opportunities to career conscious and job seeking individuals. At UOB Kay Hian, employers are the greatest asset and the most determining factor for the growth and success of the company. Individuals can look forward to various branch locations for exciting career opportunities offered by UOB securities and investment industry. If one is driven by excellence and has thirst for unlimited growth and development, UOB Kay Hian provides the perfect choice.

For more details about UOB Kay Hian Holdings and all related info like company profile, Annual Report, UOB Kay Hian M Holdings Sdn Bhd, Thailand PCL, Genting, Forms, Holdings Limited U10, Newton, Vs DBS Vickers and more, please visit the official website of the company. Individuals may also contact the following address and phone no for more info.

80 Raffles Place #30-01
UOB Plaza 1
Singapore 048624
Tel: 65/6533-2936

UOB Plaza I (UOB Plaza) #30-01,
80 Raffles Place (S) 048624
Singapore 048624
6535 6868

50 Collyer Quay (U/C - Top 2010) #01-01,
50 Collyer Quay (S) 049321
Singapore 049321
6224 1110



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