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UOB Bank

Union Overseas Bank Limited (UOB) came into establishment in the year 1935 when it was first incorporated as the United Chinese Bank founded by Datuk Wee Chiang. Prior to this day, UOB has involved in several mergers and acquisitions with several companies. Today, through such series of acquisitions and mergers, UOB is now a leading bank in Asia catering a wide range of banking products and services to diverse individuals and businesses. Headquartered at Singapore, United Overseas Bank has a well-established presence in the Southeast Asia regions with banking subsidiaries in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and China.

UOB is catering a broad array of financial products and services through an extensive global network of branches helping meet the various needs and requirements of diverse customers. The bank provides financial products and services such as personal banking and financial services, investment banking, consumer and corporate banking, asset management, venture capital management, private banking, trust services, insurance, loans, credit cards, deposits, internet banking and more. UOB also has a keen interest in providing travel related services through other subsidiaries and associates.

UOB Group

The banking subsidiary of UOB Group comprises of Far Eastern Bank in Singapore, United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Berhad, United Overseas Bank (Thai), PT Bank UOB Indonesia, PT Bank UOB Buana, United Overseas Bank (China) and United Overseas Bank Philippines. Account with all the banking subsidiaries and operating locations around the world, UOB Group has an operating network of over 500 branch offices worldwide. The Group operations are widely available in Asia Pacific countries like Australia, Brunei, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. It has also its operating branch office in Canada, New York, UK and France.

UOB Kay Hian

UOB Kay Hian is a leader in the securities trading and investment banking and management solutions in the Asian financial markets. It was first established to deal with commodities and securities under the name Kay Hian & Co (Pte). With the merging of Kay Hian Hldgs Ltd, UOB Securities Pte Ltd and the United Overseas Bank Ltd Group’s overseas stockbroking interests in 2000, its name was changed to UOB Kay Hian Hldgs. Now, UOB Kay Hian Pte Ltd is a member of UOB Group and is formed through the series of acquisitions and amalgamation of eight stockbroking organizations. Headquartered at Singapore and with offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, London, Shanghai and New York, UOB Kay Hian provides a wide range of services to diversified investors allowing them to be well informed in taking investment decisions and portfolio managements. Today, as a member of UOB Group, the UOB Kay Hian Holdings has considerably expanded its business operations adding fund management, unit trust, derivatives trading and corporate finance to its business activities.

UOB Bank Singapore

Through the banking subsidiary Far Eastern Bank (Singapore), UOB provides a wide range of financial products and services to diverse customers in Singapore. Customers are offered a comprehensive range of products including deposits, investments, stock broking, futures broking, insurance, loans, and corporate finance etc. United Overseas Bank is a leading bank in the credit card and private residential home loan businesses in the industry. The bank is also one of the key players in providing loans to small and medium business enterprises. The UOB Asset Management Group in Singapore is one of the most prominent fund managers in the whole of the country. UOB Far Eastern Bank Singapore primary office swift code is UOVBSGSG.

UOB Bank Malaysia

United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Berhad, the banking subsidiary of UOB Bank is one of the leading foreign based banks in Malaysia providing wide range financial services to the Malaysians. Customers are offered personal and business banking and financial products and services including credit card, deposits, gold investments, internet banking etc. The bank is operating through a large branch network of over 45 branches in total with offices in various locations. The swift code of UOB Malaysia Berhad is UOVBMYKLXXX. With its wide range products and services and ongoing expansions, UOB Malaysia provides rewarding career opportunities to job seekers and career conscious individuals.

UOB Bank Career

United Overseas Bank maintains the values of integrity, teamwork, trust and respect and performance excellence. With its wide array of services and global network operations, UOB believe that people who shared the values, vision and mission of the bank are the most determining factor for the growth and success of the entire business of the company. People are held the greatest asset at UOB Group. Career conscious individuals will find UOB providing challenging and rewarding opportunities to aspiring candidates with enriching programs and dynamic environment for individuals to realize their true potentials and attain their professional objectives. Besides competitive rewards and benefits, UOB also provides exciting employee care programs. Internship program, International Managers Program and Management Associate Program are provided exclusively to the aspiring individuals.

For detailed information about United Overseas Bank, individuals may please visit the official website of the company. One can also obtain useful information about UOB by contacting the below corporate headquarter address and phone number or by dialing the customer service hotline at 1 800 222 2121.

80 Raffles Place
UOB Plaza
Singapore 048624
Telephone (65) 6533 9898
Facsimile (65) 6534 2334


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