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UOB Deposit

UOB Deposit products offer competitive interest rates and several other benefits with a host of banking conveniences to its individual and business customers. Customers can avail a range of UOB deposit products which consist of Savings, Chequeing and Fixed Deposits. Customers can enjoy interest rates upto 0.70% p.a. and can get a variety of benefits on top of a wealth of banking conveniences. To list just a few, UOB Deposit products such as Junior Savers Account, FlexiDeposit Account, Silver and Gold Savings Account, Current Account, i-Account, Singapore Dollar Fixed Deposit and Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit offers very attractive interest rates and a number of benefits to the customers.

UOB Deposit Promotion

Savings Account customers can enjoy great rates on savings and can receive exciting gift when they make fresh funds deposit at the UOB. They can earn and enjoy interest rates upto 0.70% p.a. and receive a limited edition Gold-Plated Rabbit besides several other benefits and banking conveniences. Singapore Dollar Fixed Deposit Account holders can enjoy interest rates upto 0.8% p.a. for making minimum fresh fund deposit of S$40,000. UOB also offers attractive promotional interest rates on foreign currency fixed deposit.

These deposit promotion offer with attractive rates is just the beginning. Customers can enjoy a lot more, and on opening a UOB Singapore Dollar and Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit account with UOB Business Banking, customers can enjoy a wide choice of benefits and conveniences.

UOB Deposit Machine

For the convenience of its loyal customers, UOB has made available a number of Safe Deposit Box and Self Service Machine which include ATM, Cash Deposit Machine, Cheque Deposit Machine and Passbook Updating Machine and has placed in various locations throughout the country. Customers can conveniently make cash or cheque deposit at any of the deposit box situated at various locations. With the Self Service Machine like ATM and Passbook Updating Machine, customers can anytime access cash withdrawal and balance enquiries and can keep track their passbook record and transactions details. To find any desired branch, deposit box or machine location, customers can use the UOB Locator tool. This convenient online tool is very simple and easy to use as well. One only needs to provide certain details like street name, postal code and landmark of the searched location.

For more information about UOB Deposit and to learn in detailed the benefits and a host of banking conveniences that UOB provides to its customers, individuals may please log on to the official website of the company.



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