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UOB Redemption

UOB Redemption program allowed cardmembers to redeem exciting rewards from a wide selection of rewards catalogue from UOB Island of Rewards. With UOB UNI$ Rewards program, cardmembers can earn exciting UNI$ points for making purchases using the UOB credit card. Cardmembers are automatically enrolled to the program when they charge the purchases directly to the UOB card. They can earn UNI$1 for every S$5 spends on retail purchase using UOB card. As UNI$ points are calculated based on the transactions of the card effected daily, cardmembers can earn as many UNI$ points as they want. Cardholders such as Visa Infinite, Empire World MasterCard for Business, Preferred Platinum American Express, PRVI American Express and Visa Signature can earn more exciting UNI$ points for every spending they charge to the UOB card. They can enjoy a world of choice with UOB wide range of Rewards catalog. UOB have made even easier for them to redeem.

At UOB Island of Rewards, cardmembers can enjoy to instantly redeem the rewards on the spot itself from the wide selection of items for the best brands of their choice. UOB has a number of instant reward partners offering a wide selection of brands that can meet every cardmember’s wishes and preferences.
With range of rewards catalogue, cardmembers can enjoy wider choice of instant rewards all across Singapore from various selected stores, shopping malls, cafes etc. However, all UNI$ expire after two years from the period in which they were earned. Cardmembers have to get it redeemed before it get expire.

Ways to Redeem UOB Rewards

UOB have made cardmembers even easier to redeem the rewards. They can choose to redeem on the spot from the many instant reward partners all across Singapore, without having to wait for the vouchers to arrive in their mail. Alternatively, cardmembers can redeem through online or by phone. To check UNI$ balance or to redeem rewards through online, cardmembers have to log on to the UOB secure website and fill the redemption request form. And to redeem by phone, cardmembers can simply call the 24-hour UOB call centre hotline at 1 800 222 2121 and follow the automated instructions.

For redemptions made through online and by phone, cardmembers will have to wait for atleast seven working days for the processing of the redemption request. If redemption request made online has been successful, cardmembers will receive an online confirmation saying that the request has been successful and approved. Upon receiving the confirmation mail, the UNI$ amount that is going to be redeemed will be immediately deducted from the cardmembers’ account, after which the rewards voucher will be mailed to the cardmembers.

For more info about UOB Redemption program, and to know in detailed about UOB redemption catalogue of 2010 and 2011 in Singapore and in Malaysia and more, please visit the official website of the bank.



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