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UOB Loan

UOB offers a comprehensive range of loan products and financing solutions with attractive package, competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options to diverse customers. Customers can avail a wide array of property loans including first time home buying, home construction, private home loan, commercial or business loan, international home loan, etc. UOB also offers refinancing and home equity financing products and services. Other loan products of UOB include car financing, share financing, secured overdrafts, and unsecured loans such as personal loan, education loan and secured line of credit. With UOB lines of loans providing attractive rates and flexible programs, individuals can freely pursue their dreams and make their dream a reality.

UOB Loan Singapore

Customers from Singapore can avail a wide range of UOB loan products such as Private Home Loan, Home Construction, HBB Home Loan, Commercial Property, International Home Loan, Vehicle Financing, Share Financing, and various unsecured personal loans. Applicants can enjoy the most attractive interest rates in town and flexible repayment options. UOB offers considerable loan amount that can help meet the needs and requirements of every customer. Whether individuals are looking for a first time home buying or refinancing, or seek for any financing solutions, UOB loans can help tailor all the needs and requirements of every customer.

Beneficiaries of UOB loan products can enjoy considerable interest savings, flexibility and best of all convenience. Applicants also can enjoy a host of other benefits such as free fire insurance, legal and valuation fee subsidy and preferential interest rates for bridging loans etc.

UOB Loan Malaysia

Malaysians can avail a comprehensive range of loans and other financing solutions offered by the UOB Bank. Customers can enjoy two in one loan that combines of housing loan and overdraft which is offered at housing loan interest rates. UOB offers a host of convenient benefits which applicants can enjoy the following advantages:
  • Automatic Overdraft of up to 70% of Property Value: Loan is automatically converted into an overdraft line once outstanding balance reaches 70% of property value, and customers can enjoy overdraft facility at housing loan interest rates.
  • Adjustable Repayments: Applicants can pay just the loan interest and the principal amount can be paid whenever they wish upon reaching overdraft line.
  • Open Prepayments: One can make additional repayments without any penalty or fees and can save more on interest and can shorten the loan period.
  • All-inclusive Service: UOB can handle everything, from application submission to delivering the documents at applicant’s doorstep.
  • Quick Cash Access: You can enjoy quick access to cash via cheque book or ATM card.
  • Longer Loan Tenure. UOB loan customers can choose a loan term of maximum upto 40 years or 70 years of age whichever is earlier.

UOB Loan Application

Application of loan products and services offered by UOB is hassle free. Customers can either apply online or can download the application form and submit it to any UOB Bank branch office. To apply for UOB Home Loan, applicants will be required to furnish the following documents:
  • NRIC/Passport of all applicants and owners
  • Latest computerized pay slip
  • Latest IR8A Form/Tax Return
  • Twelve months CPF Contribution History
  • Two years Tax Return ( for self-employed)
  • Two years Commission Statement
  • Latest CPF Statement of Account
  • Latest CPF Withdrawal Statement for Existing Property to be Sold
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Title Deed Copy
  • Valuation report (for HDB properties)
Applicants can call UOB toll free number at 1 800 388 2121 which is available 24/7, or can send SMS to +65 81861373, +65 8186 1374, +65 81861375, +65 81861376. One can also visit any branch and speak to any UOB Loan Specialist.

Customers can use the convenient loan calculator tool to determine their affordability or to calculate the monthly installment payment amount. Customers also have the flexibility to make payment by cheque for the loan amount. Everything at UOB is hassle-free. Applicants can rest assured that Loan department can help assist in everything, from start till finished. For any queries or assistance, customers may contact the call centre hotline at 1 800 222 2121. For more info about UOB Loan, please log on to the official website of the bank.



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