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UOB Exchange Rate

UOB provides full range foreign exchange services in helping customers meet their trading needs and funding requirements such as fund transfers, loans, remittances, payments or receipt of trade bills etc. Customers can enjoy competitive exchange rates for a wide array of foreign currencies. The Exchange Rate calculator provided by UOB on its website can help one know the current rate of any foreign currency exchange rate for the purpose of fund transfer or remittance. With the currency converter tool, customers can easily calculate any foreign currency and can quote the latest exchange rate between currencies of different countries. For instance, Singapore currency can be put to calculate to know the currency exchange rate with the US dollar. UOB offers competitive exchange rate for conversion of any currencies. Customers can log on to view the latest updated exchange rate offered by UOB. One can also find the exchange rate history of several past years.

UOB Exchange Rate Singapore

UOB offers foreign exchange services for Spot Transactions, Fixed Forward, Optional Delivery Forward and Swap basis to help meet the various needs and requirements of diverse customers in Singapore. Customers can see below the foreign exchange services offered by UOB in Singapore and can avail the services whichever is convenient and suit their needs:

  • The Foreign Exchange Spot Transaction: It is a deal between customers and the bank in which both agree to exchange the agreed upon amounts of the two given currencies at an agreed exchange rate.
  • Fixed and Optional Delivery Forward: An agreement between customers and the bank which offer customers the option to buy or sell foreign exchange at an agreed upon amounts of two different currencies at an agreed upon rate or price with an agreement to deliver on an agreed future date.
  • Foreign Exchange Swaps: A pair of currency transactions in which one is for purchase and the other one is for sale, and is agreed for two different value dates in which one is spot transaction.

UOB Exchange Rate Malaysia

Customers in Malaysia can enjoy a wide choice of foreign currencies at competitive rates. UOB offer a full range foreign exchange service helping customers better manage their foreign exchange exposures. Customers are offered foreign exchange services for both spot and forward transaction as stated above. Customers can place orders anytime and the UOB dedicated dealers can help monitor everything. For any queries or assistance, customers can call UOB Global Markets Sales Dealers at 603-2691 0376.

For more info about UOB Exchange Rate and to know in detailed about UOB Foreign Exchange Services in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, please visit the official website of the company. Customers also can obtain the latest updated exchange rate of different currencies.



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