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UBS Trading

UBS trading services are featured with speed, liquidity, accuracy as well as the discretion while executing various trades in all the markets around the globe. In fact the company is awarded as World’s Biggest Trader of equity securities in 2006 by Autex. On the other hand the largest trading floor of the world which can accommodate upto 1,400 traders is from UBS and located in the Stamford, Connecticut CT.

Several opportunities such as proprietary ownership as well as the chance to join the dedicated team of prop desk or algorithmic trading are also made available to the clients.

In addition, the following trading services are provided to their clients.
  • Sales trading: With sales trading services you will be able to get latest and update market news, stocks information, UBS activity and other investment information which can lead ahead in the trading game. On the other hand you can also change the decisions on your investment.
  • Block trading: The risk, price and the impact and condition of the market are the biggest challenges in performing trading activity. Therefore, with the UBS block trading you can control and minimize such risks and impacts.
  • Portfolio trading: This is the global trading platform which provides portfolio trading with the dedicated specialists in a very analytical and swift execution.
  • Direct Execution: This is an electronic trading service which offers DMA (Direct Market Access), algorithmic trading and many others
Beside they also provide online trading service in which the clients having certain accounts can place orders online. They also charge some kind of highly competitive fees for securities trading through the UBS e-banking service, but these fees and charges are vary from exchange to another.

UBS Trading Careers

With the widespread growth and development of their business across globe, UBS provides various career opportunities. Basically, the trading related jobs, employment and internship programs are available through the investment banking division of UBS. You can find the trading jobs and other careers option from its website or follow the link given below.

The recruitment and hiring process are carried out with certain interview and assessment, through which the recruiters assess the competency and ability of the candidate. You can submit the application and resume through its online application system as well as you need to answer some open ended questions, if it is necessary for the position apply. The detailed information on jobs, interviews and other opportunities in UBS America can be obtained from the web link given below.

UBS Sales and Trading

The UBS sales and trading services are provided by the Investment Bank division of the company. These services consist of dealing, brokering, proprietary trading, currencies, commodities and other derivative products.

Apart from the services mentioned above, they are also concerned with various types Forex trading and energy trading.

For further information on UBS insider training, competition and room, you can refer the official website and other sources such as news and FAQs etc.



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