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UBS Ebanking

The UBS e-banking is a kind of internet based service which provide access to many services and products. This ebanking service is available in four different languages which include English, Deutsch, French and Italian.

The following services can be accessed through the UBS ebanking
  • Account and credit card information.
  • Online payment services.
  • New issues and updates on Stock exchange, quotes and other financial information.
  • Mailbox.
With the UBS e-banking service, you can access the account information, balance and statement, positions of securities in the custody account and other information of your assets. Besides, you can also access the information of your credit card balance, credit limit, due date and many more.

The customers can pay various types of utility bills such as cable and satellite TV, internet, phone and many more. Moreover, the business customers can also pay the salary of their employees through this service.

Through this service, one can access the latest news of what happenings in the global financial markets. On the other hand you can avail the quotes information provided by majors stock exchanges of the world such as SWX (Zurich), LSE and SWX Europe (London), MSE (Milan), NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE (New York), XETRA (Frankfurt) and EURONEXT (Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels). You can also forward the stock exchange orders to various stock exchanges of the world.

In addition, you can also access the mailbox channel via ebanking login. The mailbox service enables you communicate with your client advisors directly. On the other hand the ebanking service is also accessible from mobile device like iphone and others with internet accessibility.

UBS Ebanking Login

The UBS Ebanking Login is the interface through which you can enter and access the services mentioned above. In order to log in the ebanking service, you need to provide the contract number. The contract number can be found on your internet service documents which you have received from the bank. Most importantly, due to the maintenance of the website, this service is not available for some limited hours on Sunday. If you need assistance, you can also refer the online help available on the UBS ebanking login page or contact the advisors at the following hotline numbers.

From Switzerland (CH): 0848-848 064 (charges apply)
From Abroad: +41-848-848 064 (charges apply)

For further detailed information on UBS ebanking, you can visit the following website.



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