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UBS Online

The UBS online enables every customers to access the banking services from one single platform. This online gives you more flexibility as well as you can save more time on your banking activities. Therefore maintaining your relations with the bank is possible without any hassle and gap. All you have to do is just logon to the website of the bank and login with your corresponding username and password. Some of the notable online services provided by UBS USA include wealth management, dealer and brokerage services.

UBS Online Services

The UBS online services include Ebanking, Onesource Quotes and UBS Connect. In order to access such services, you need to login with the contract number designated by the bank. The UBS ebanking provides access to the following services and products.
  • Account and asset information: You can view the balances, statement of your account at any time and many others like securities in your custody account, combined data of your assets and details of credit or debits etc.
  • Payment services: one can make the payment online, E-bill with PayNet.
  • Credit card data: Your credit card data can be accessed every time whenever you need.
  • New issues: You can also check and search for the new updated information such as company‚Äôs stock information and others etc.
  • Stock exchange: With the UBS ebanking you can also get the online stock information and quotes from the major stock exchange markets.
  • Financial information: Customers can access the global financial markets information through the UBS quotes log in.
  • Mailbox: Direct information exchange facility also available with the ebanking mailbox.
For any kind of technical help or assistance related with these services, you can refer the online help or contact the customer service at 888-279-3343.

UBS Online Banking

With the UBS online banking service, you can access the account information such as statement and summary of your loan and investment, asset allocation. Besides, you could be able to perform various banking activities such as manage your account, check balances, paying bills, online trading, tracking your credit card purchases and many more. But you need to login into your account with the valid user name and password.

The security and protection of customers is the priority concern of the bank. Therefore they are always trying to protect their customers from identity theft and other online fraud activities. If you are a victim of such frauds and others, you can reach for support at the following contact details.

Report Credit Fraud:

PO Box 105069
Atlanta, GA, USA 30349
Phone Number: 800-525-6285

Phone Number: 888-397-3742

Trans Union
PO Box 1000
Chester, PA, USA 19022
Phone Number: 800-680-7289

UBS Online Assessment

The UBS online assessment test is a part of the recruitment process for various jobs position in the bank. Every candidate applying for the vacant positions in the bank will be required to complete online test. Basically, the test is meant for measuring the ability and skills of the candidate through numerical and logical reasoning. Those who have received the invitation letter through mail after submitting the application are required to take this test. For detailed information on test sample paper and answers, you can refer the FAQs available at the URL given below.

You can log on to the websites of the bank for further detailed information on UBS online and others.



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