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UBS Real Estate

UBS real estate services are provided under the UBS Global Asset Management Inc. - a business group of UBS which basically provides investment services on properties, securities in Continental Europe, Japan, UK and US. They manage the investments in certain property like office, retail and commercial, hotel, multi family residential, and farmland etc. The company is one of the largest manager of real estate investment and fund of hedge funds. The offerings of UBS real estate in the United States are listed below.
  • Global real estate properties
  • Global real estate Farmland
  • Global real estate Securities RIETS
The Global Real Estate has been providing the asset management services to over 300 clients with more than the 32 years of advisory experience on investment. The company is a multi disciplined real estate organization with nearly 168 dedicated staffs and its headquarters is located in Hartford, Connecticut. They also have regional offices in California and Texas.

The UBS global real estate farmland investment management services are provided by the UBS Agrivest. Agrvist is also a multi disciplined organization with more than 25 years of experience in managing assets, acquisition and disposition of farmland properties of all kinds. They also provide well structured strategies for the investors who want steady income, diversification of stock, bond, real estate portfolio, risks and many others

With the Global Real Estate Securities offerings, the investors will able to explore those real estate securities (REITs) which are traded publicly.

UBS Wealth Management provides real estate research and analysis service to various clients of the world, but this service not currently available in the United States.

UBS Real Estate Careers

Individuals having keen interest in dealing with real estate and other asset management services can make their careers at UBS. The company provides various jobs and employment opportunities as well as graduate training program for the fresh graduates. The universities or college graduates can participate in graduate training program such as “Corporate Real Estate and Administrative Service’ and many more. You can find more on UBS careers, jobs and other opportunity from the link given below.

On the other hand, one can also search the available jobs, vacancies and other openings in your own customized way for instance by title such as “commercial real estate lending and securitization attorney” and many others etc.

For further detailed information on UBS real estate index, investment banking, finance, conference and others etc, refer the website of the company.



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