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UBS Commercial

The UBS commercials are designed to conveys and spread their commitments to their clients and other relationship based approaches. The list given below is the timeline of UBS commercial TV ads which were made during 2003 – 2010.
  • Name Change, 2003
  • You & Us, 2004
  • Wealth Management Capabilities Focus, 2004
  • Adding dimension to “You & Us”, 2006 and 2007
  • Financial Crisis Response, 2008
  • Signaling Change, 2009
  • We Will Not Rest, 2010
The “You & Us” 2004, was produced in three different TV spot namely You & Us Brand, Wealth Management and Investment Bank. The details of the ads mentioned above can be found on the following link.

UBS Commercial We Will Not Rest

UBS’s “We Will Not Rest” is the theme for world wide brand campaign of Union Bank of Switzerland which was launched in 2010. The idea of the campaign was to build the company as a global brand. It also conveys the tireless and unstoppable devotion of UBS to their clients.

Based on this tagline, they also produced several TV ads and commercials which are featured by various legendary people. For example Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, Mohammad Ali – famous American boxer, Maria Callas – a renowned opera singer and Salvador Dali – a famous surrealist were featured in the ad as “The First”, “The Genius”, “The Voice” and “The Genius” respectively. Moreover there are also other famous personality featured in the ads like Zaha Hadid – prominent Iraqi Architect and many more. Besides, the ad is also featured with other great personalities who have branded themselves in music sports, science and technology and many more. The ad signifies dedication, commitments and responsibilities towards their clients. If you want to know more on “We Will Not Rest”, just log on to the following web address.

For more commercials and TV ads on UBS, you can visit the following website. Alternatively, you can also refer the website of the company if you are looking for the information on UBS commercial paper, mortgage, loans and real estate lending.



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