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UBS Research

The UBS Research is a highly specialized and decentralized unit of UBS which suffice the changing demands and needs of their global clients. Generally, they focus on investment and wealth management research. The products and services which are available under the investment research unit include daily audio briefing, economic calendar, webcasts or podcasts and Q series. Besides, the UBS Alternative Research also provides many ideas on various markets and investment matters. Moreover, UBS Research also has provided more coverage on the following arenas.
  • Commodity Report
  • Corporate Research (credit and equity)
  • Emerging Markets
  • Fixed Income
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Real Estate
  • Technical Research
  • Thematic Research
The UBS also received several research awards on equity, economics, strategy research and many more.

UBS Investment Research

The UBS investment research endeavors to give the real competitive advantage to their clients. They are also one of the firms which provide globally benefited equity, credit, economic and strategy research. In fact the analysts working with this firm are important contributors in providing such services which can satisfy the needs of their clients. On the other hand there are also several teams like fixed income strategists which provide the basic analysis of the global economy and strategies related with trading.

UBS also provides mobile investment research through which one can access the latest equity research through mobile devices. However this service requires a particular app which could be installed to your Apple iPhone, iPad and ipod touch.

UBS Wealth Management Research

UBS Wealth Management Research is one of top financial research organizations which also have the considerable global networks. Over 150 financial analysts are working with the WMR across the world. They provide timely advices and financial analysis to the investors and clients.

The clients can enjoy the benefits and advantages of WMR publications which provide several ideas of investment and the in-depth studies of the emerging socioeconomic trends and its impact on investment markets. These publications are also available in both digital and print format. Moreover they also published various thematic research reports such as UBS research focus and life themes. On the other hand, you can access all these publications through its “Online Research Services”. In addition, the Online Research Services also enable certain advanced features such as email and SMS notification for new editions of publications and advanced search functions. If you wish to access such services, you can also login to UBS research portal with the ebanking contract number and password.

For more information on UBS research disclosures and recommendations, you can download the PDF files for independent research policy, global research disclaimer, definition on equity research and FICC rating system, from the website given below.

The further detailed information on UBS stock research, paper, and associate salary can be obtained from its main website or visit the website given below.



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