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UBS Mortgage

UBS mortgages are basically designed to help in financing your home. However the company has shut down its division of wholesale mortgage lending service also known as the “Home Finance” in November 15, 2007. There are also several mortgage bankers to help you in any moments of your need. The UBS Mortgage Banker not only help you in providing mortgages or loans, but they also help their clients in integrating home financing with the other part of wealth management strategy after examining the financial condition, investment on real estate or other purchase criteria of the clients. UBS mortgage can be considered as a best option for those who plan to live in the new home for at least 5 years or more.

Despite the mortgage services, they also provide various jobs in various locations of the United States. They offer jobs such as mortgage specialist, strategist and many others.

Additionally, they also provide refinancing facility by which you can reduce the monthly payment or lower the interest rate on your existing or current mortgage. In fact, there are several good reasons to refinance your mortgage because you may be interested in consolidating the existing mortgage, more flexible or you want to make faster equity and many others.

If you want any assistance on refinancing your existing mortgage, contact the UBS Mortgage Banker or loan officer at the following details.

By Phone
Phone Number: 866-LEND-UBS (866-536-3827)
Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Time

By Mail
UBS Mortgage LLC
2202 N. West Shore Boulevard, Suite 200
Tampa, FL, USA 33607

By Web

UBS Mortgage Rates

UBS Mortgage Rates are changed regularly depending on the market and economic situations. At the same time it also depends upon the demand and supply of the mortgages. For instance, during the inflation the rates tend to increase and vice versa.

Basically, UBS offers traditional mortgage products in variant of various rate options such as conventional fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages. Even if you don’t know the best rate that suits you, the UBS Mortgage Banker will help you by considering your cash flow, amortization, asset retention and timing.

For more information on rates and APR etc., you can refer the FAQs available on the company’s website.

UBS Mortgage Calculator

UBS mortgage calculators will help the clients in determining the monthly payment amount of loans, mortgages and even the comparison of existing and new mortgage is also possible. These calculators are available as monthly payment, refinance and amortization calculator.

The monthly payment calculator is basically used for comparing various loan terms and even you can calculate the monthly payment amount for home owner’s insurance, real estate taxes and due on your loan.

With the refinance calculator, one can compare the existing home financing to a new mortgage and even you can make the right decision on consolidating your loans, lowering interest rates, risk and others etc.

Amortization Calculator helps you in determining the effect on your loan, which can alter or push up your decision in the right way.

The detailed information on these calculators can be obtained from the link given below.

For further information on UBS mortgage back securities, crisis, login, careers and others please visit the official website of the company which is given below.



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