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UBS Credit Card

The UBS credit cards available in two types viz, America Express and Visa Signature credit card. The former card will allow you access funds in you RMA (Resource Management Account) directly. At the same time customers having these cards can also earn 50% bonus on travel purchases. The later offers flexible payment options as well as various benefits on purchases made through their merchant partners in the USA and abroad.

With UBS Visa Signature credit card you can pay utilities bills such as cable or satellite TV, Phone Services, Insurance, Internet, Health Club fees, and many more. The salient features and benefits incorporated with these cards are as follows.
  • Automatic rebate of ATM fees for upto $3.00 per transaction,
  • 24 hour concierge service
  • Fraud and identity theft protection facility
  • Assurance coverage on every purchase
  • Extended warranty services
  • Travel insurance in case of accident and protection baggage delayed
  • Free auto rental waived off for collision damages and many others.

UBS Credit Card Online

UBS credit card online provides precise information of your card via internet. Even you can track the every expenditure made through the credit card, credit limit, remaining credit and available balances. Besides, the payment of credit card bill is also possible with this online service. However you need to register the PayNet – a unique service for paying bills online. This service is accessible only with the UBS e-banking. Therefore you have to login with your ebanking ID and password. The following is the requirement for using the UBS card online service.
  • UBS Account
  • E-banking Agreement
  • UBS Individual Credit Card
  • Registration with UBS Card Center via PayNet

UBS Credit Card Rewards

UBS offers various rewards programs through the credit card holders can earn rewards points on any purchases made with the cards mentioned above. The earn points can be redeemed into various cash rewards and gifts. For instance you can redeem $1 for 100 points, however a minimum of $200 or 20,000 points. Besides, UBS Rewards Portfolio offers various gifts, travel opportunities and many more.

If you want to block the lost card or replace the card reader, you can contact the customer service hotline number at the following details.

UBS Credit Cards Helpline Number

UBS Card Center
Switzerland: 044-828 31 34
Abroad: +41-44-828 31 34

For further detailed information on UBS card processing, MasterCard, Visa Electron and other, you can refer the following websites.



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