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UBS Account

Several types of accounts with certain management features are available at UBS. According to your needs and requirements, you can choose one from these types that suits you most or you can reach the financial advisors to help out the matter. The following types of UBS accounts are offered to both individual and business customers.

Individual Accounts
  • General Investment
  • Retirement
  • Trust and Estate
  • Educational Funding
Business Accounts
  • Business Service Account (BSA)

UBS Account Types

The general investment accounts include RMA (Resource Management Account) with which you can manage all the investment and banking activities easily and more conveniently. These are also available as deposit, money market and other funds accounts.

The retirement accounts are available as traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs through which you can accumulate the retirement funds on the tax deferment and adjusted gross income basis respectively.

The educational funding accounts cover Coverdell Education Savings Account and 529 College Saving Plan. The former is design to help in educational expenses of your children or other account holders and beneficiaries.

On the other hand, the business account provides you the advantages and certain benefits which include combine transactions statement, online access facility and many others.

You can also transfer your account but you have to fill up the account transfer forms and liquidation authorization letter. They will also charge some kind of transfer and other applicable fees. The completed transfer forms enclosed with the client name and account number must be send at the following address. However the liquidation authorization letter must be send at the proper address which can be obtained by contact the UBS branch or call the phone number on your client statement.

UBS Financial Services Inc
1000 Harbor Blvd.
Weehawken, NJ 07086
Attn: Account Transfer, 6th Floor

The details of the fees and other services of all the accounts can be found on disclosure statements and agreement provided by the bank or you can download these disclosures from the website. If you wish to open an account with UBS, contact the nearest financial advisor and complete the account opening form. One can search the financial advisors through the website of the bank by providing the zip code of the particular location.

UBS Account Login

The UBS account login facility will provide you access to your swiss bank account information, summary, statements and balance checking etc. Moreover you can also access the UBS quotes and stock market information as well as the online payment services through simplified software and tools. The new customers or clients need to register on the bank website whereas the registered customers can login with a valid username and password or some kind of authentication.

In addition one has to be very careful while using this facility although the bank endeavors to maintain the secrecy and privacy of their clients. Because, there are lots of frauds, hacking activities and other illegal activities like stealing personal information are mushrooming around the cyber world.

Moreover you can review the news for more information on interest rates updates, taxes and tax evasion and scandals etc.

For further information on UBS accounts, manager salary, interest rates, minimum balance and meaning of the term used in account disclosures, agreements or any other bank documents, you can visit the following websites of the bank.



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